Are your children being taught how to make “paper images of a Hindu
god, make toothpick and yarn ‘worry dolls’ to ward off anxiety, and take
part in Earth Day worship services?” They are if they attend the
Bedford Central School District
in White Plains, N.Y.

Are your children being taught how to howl like a wolf, as an
expression of their “oneness” with nature? They are if they attend
church in the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas, or the Episcopal Cathedral of
St. John the Divine in New York.

Are your children being taught that the three “R’s” are: Reduce,
Recycle, and Reuse? They are if they attend most any public school in

Public education, and American churches are being overwhelmed by a
deluge of environmental propaganda arising from a core belief in the
gaia hypothesis. Popularized by James Lovelock, the gaia hypothesis
contends that the earth is the giver of life; that all life forms have
equal intrinsic value; and that human beings immorally abuse the rights
of all other life forms.

The gaia hypothesis is the “sustainable” version of ancient pagan
beliefs, articulated early in this century by Alice Bailey. Bailey said
her wisdom came from an “ascended master,” Djwhal Khul, a Tibetan
teacher who spoke to her while she was in a trance. Her publishing
company was named “Lucifer Publishing,” but has now evolved into The
Lucis Trust.

Were these the antics and beliefs of a handful of eco-freaks, it
wouldn’t matter. But when these antics and beliefs find their way into
our public schools and our mainstream churches, it does matter. When our
kids are not only exposed to, but are also required to participate in
these rituals, it is time for parents to stamp it out at its source. But
what is the source?

Yes, it is the U.S. Department of Education. Yes, it is the National
Education Association. Yes, it is the National Wildlife Federation, and
The Nature Conservancy, the World Wide Fund for Nature, and thousands of
other environmental organizations. But behind these, there is a common
Robert Muller is the
author of the “World Core Curriculum.” He is widely recognized as the
“father of global education.” For 30 years, he was Deputy
Secretary-General of the United Nations. He is the Chancellor of the
U.N. University. He is the founder of Robert Muller Schools. The preface
of the Robert Muller School World Core Curriculum Manual, November,
1986, says, “The underlying philosophy upon which the Robert Muller
School is based will be found in the teachings set forth in the books of
Alice A. Bailey, by the Tibetan teacher, Djwhal Khul.”

Robert Muller told an audience in Costa Rica, “We hear now of the
Gaia hypothesis, of the interdependence of all inert and living matter,
that we are part and parcel of a living planetary organism.” Muller
believes that “Each of us is a cell, a perceptive nervous unit of the
Earth.” And that some of the cells have evolved to become the earth’s

Muller says, “We have now a world brain: the United Nations and its
agencies, and groups and networks around the world, are part of the
brain. We are in the process of becoming a global civilization.”

Muller’s 30-year sidekick at the U.N., Maurice Strong, and Mikhail Gorbechev have
drafted the Earth
Charter, a document
designed to translate the gaia hypothesis into 18 principles which
underlie international environmental law. Every school kid has been, or
soon will be, required to study the Earth Charter, as they have been
required to study the International Declaration of Human Rights. Several
American universities are now offering courses in the study of animal
rights. They want our kids!

Who are they? Robert Muller, Maurice Strong, and Mikhail Gorbachev
are a few of the growing number of international and national leaders
who are convinced that the world must undergo a “wrenching
transformation” in which society is reorganized around the central
principle of protecting the environment, under the command and control
of a central global authority. The transformation is well under way. It
has been made possible because for more than a generation now, our kids
have been fed a steady diet of gaia-garbage, disguised as
sustainable-this, and sustainable-that.

It has long since stopped being about the environment; it is now
about producing an army of red, white, and blue enviro-students, who are
prepared to march out into the world under the command and control of a
global authority to become obedient citizens of the new global

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