It never seems to stop.

I think that’s one of the secrets to the longevity of the Clinton administration. Had there been one or two major scandals on which the public and press could have focused over the last six years, the president probably would be history. But his administration has overwhelmed the senses of the nation with corruption, crime and cover-up. At some point, it became too much to absorb. Sensory overload has allowed the executive branch of government to abuse power in unprecedented ways.

Here are the latest outrages. Impeachment hearing hero David Schippers told Bill O’Reilly on the Fox News Network that former Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary gave marching orders to halt all scheduled promotions of white males in her vast federal bureaucracy.

“Now you know something about Hazel O’Leary in your capacity as – looking over everything, and … that there was an ongoing … conspiracy to make certain that no white males got promoted to any offices of responsibility and got – indeed got no promotions at all,” he said.

“Really?” questioned O’Reilly. “So Hazel O’Leary, then the chief of the Department of Energy, you’re saying that your client told you, was knocking out all white males that – when they – when they were up for promotion?”

“As I understand it – this is secondhand. As I understand it, when Hazel O’Leary got into the office, she asked for the promotion list and then asked them to strike the names of all white males,” charged Schippers.

“That’s against the law,” observed O’Reilly astutely.

“Well, this information’s been furnished to the – to the Congress. They have it,” said Schippers.

Is it hard to believe? Not with the bunch in this administration – not with what I know about the political nature of Hazel O’Leary, who personally targeted me and my organization for extinction as well. She’s the former Cabinet official who made phone calls to my news organization’s donor base threatening individuals with government retribution if they continued to support the Western Journalism Center, parent company of

Were white men really actively discriminated against at the Energy Department? We’ll probably never know for sure. Who has time to investigate the constant avalanche of corruption emanating from this administration? It’s impossible. And there’s no will to do it in Congress or in the establishment press.

One thing’s for sure, if the white men in the Energy Department were gay, they would have fared better than heterosexuals. Catch this excerpt from Webb Hubbell’s book (page 325) – yet another example of the criminal politicization of every facet of the Clinton administration: “A friend of Suzy’s at Interior … was Bob Hattoy, the well-known AIDS activist and Clinton supporter. The FBI said, ‘You used to work in the White House personnel, didn’t you?’

“‘Yes I did.’

“‘One of your jobs at the White House was to place gays and lesbians in the administration, wasn’t it?’

“‘Yes,’ he said. ‘Very successfully, as a matter of fact. And I also placed a lot of them in the FBI.'”

This excerpt from a book by one of Bill Clinton’s best friends and most loyal supporters – a guy who took a bullet for him – raises a number of questions: How would Hattoy have known that the people he placed were gay or lesbian? Why would somebody in the White House personnel be making FBI appointments?

Do you think Congress cares? Do you think the establishment press gives a darn?

Corruption overload. That’s what we got from the “most ethical administration in the history of the United States.” We can’t even see the forest for the trees. And that’s why, once again, I believe, my documented case of the administration’s overt political abuse of the Internal Revenue Service is hardly attracting a radar blip’s worth of attention in Congress or the establishment press.

It’s all too much for them to take. And, of course, if you are willing to accept that this much evil is perpetrated by the executive branch with impunity, thus far, you have to maintain a lot of courage to expose it and challenge it. Clinton’s gang plays rough. It plays for keeps. It plays to win.

Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m not giving up. I’m not stopping my full-court press on this kind of corruption. I don’t care what anyone else says or does about it. For those who still care about preserving something of this country’s integrity and freedom, it’s time to demand accountability.

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