In just under two days, a quick perusal of the news revealed several
good reasons why our current two-party system is no longer functional.

Among this list of items, see if you can spot a similar theme:

  • Linda Tripp last week became the only figure charged with a crime
    in the Monicagate affair or, at a minimum, the only crime that will land
    anyone in jail if she is convicted.

  • Though the evidence against mixed-sex training in the armed
    forces is convincing and overwhelming, a panel “examining” the issue
    voted to continue it anyway. The Marine Corps provided the best proof
    available, considering they don’t train men and women together, but it
    too was ignored.

  • Washington Times reporters discovered that an Interior Department
    official told his boss in a secret memo about his covert “on-the-job
    political campaign” aimed at “unseating House Republican leaders” in the
    1998 election. So far Congress is “examining” this smoking gun.

  • A British/NATO general ignored an order given to him by the Supreme
    Commander of NATO forces in Kosovo, Gen. Wesley Clark, to stop a Russian
    military force from entering the Pristina airport after a cease-fire had
    been reached in the Yugoslav war. As a result, Gen. Clark — not
    the Briton — was relieved of his command.

  • A new report published in the Washington Post revealed what many have
    suspected for some time — that the so-called GOP “revolution” of 1994
    has resulted in little governmental change, as well as an
    increase, rather than a decrease, in spending on the federal

  • The Justice Department has had evidence since 1997 that CitiBank in
    New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong laundered money for Johnny Chung,
    who was acting on behalf of Chinese military operatives seeking to
    influence the 1996 presidential elections. I can almost hear Sen. Fred
    Thompson, R-Tenn., shaking his head in disgust.

What do all of these stories have in common?

They all demonstrate the total corruption of our system of
government. They demonstrate to me that a criminal president — Bill
Clinton — is firmly in control of his own destiny and there is no
“opposition party” in place to checkmate him.

Furthermore, these stories demonstrate:

  • Republicans also cannot help but spend our money — same as the

  • Republicans can’t do anything about a military training decision that
    is so fundamentally wrong even some panel members who voted for
    it knew it was a bad decision and fundamentally wrong.
  • Republicans can do nothing to protect from politically motivated
    persecution an individual — Ms. Linda Tripp — who has more political
    courage than all of them put together.

  • Republicans can do nothing to protect the status and position of a
    seasoned U.S. general who had his order ignored by some British
    underling in a time of war. Consequently, Republicans will be able to do
    nothing about the impending disintegration of NATO either.

  • Republicans can do nothing about an administration that is so
    permeated with rot and corruption that there is literally not one single
    department or administrative bureaucracy that hasn’t been tainted —
    even one as obscure as Interior.

  • Republicans can do nothing about obvious violations of the law
    regarding elections, campaign funding, and a president’s treasonous
    commingling with intelligence agents of a powerful foreign country.

These stories also show that this country is little more than a
rudderless, leaderless vessel in a sea of corruption. Americans are
being “led” in a manner befitting a third- or fourth-rate banana
republic — the very same kind of governments our politicians love to
point and laugh at. There is so much “CYA” going on that if all the
guilty parties ever had to go to court, the trial would stretch halfway
through the next millennium — all because Americans have no opposition
party in Washington, D.C., for all intents and purposes.

Having said that, I will admit that no reasonable conservative voter
really expected the Republicans — in less than five years — to blow
into D.C. on a promise of “revolution” and reverse 60 years of
FDR-inspired socialism.

However, few of us expected them to become part of the problem

For instance, I believe most conservatives realize that Republicans
are not yet powerful enough to roll back tax rates to five percent or
cut 90 percent of the federal bureaucracy. And I don’t think we expected
them to convert Social Security into a private sector endeavor or end
all corporate welfare. Without presidential backing none of this
could ever be done in five years by any party, considering that
Americans have to be reintroduced to notions about constitutional
government missing for over six decades.

When I vent disgust with Republicans I’m simply talking about their
inability to even do their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution and the
laws that document inspired. Apparently, this is asking too much because
now, in the eyes of many GOP lifers, I’m one of these “out-there third
party fundamentalists” who has an “unrealistic view of the political
landscape in this country.”

Oh. And here I thought these people worked for me — not the other
way around. See, I thought “public servant” meant just what it
said, rather than “serving oneself at the public trough.”

If the Republicans were serious about thwarting the corruption in
this White House they could have — and should have — used one tactic
against Clinton and his socialist buddies a long time ago — the power
of the purse.

It’s a known fact that the power of the government lies in money. If
an agency is misbehaving, you don’t reward it by giving it a budget.
You kill it or render it ineffective either by giving it no money or a
budget that is drastically reduced.

For instance, the Clinton “Justice” Department has done more to
perpetuate his criminal existence than the mainstream media has. They
have purposefully bungled investigations, withheld evidence, stalled
congressional inquiries, held up the release of legally requested
materials and destroyed evidence. So what do the Republicans do? This
year they’re giving Justice more money and more lawyers.
What kind of sense does that make? What kind of lawyers do the
Republicans think Janet Reno is going to hire — those who are more or
less of the kind she already has running interference for a corrupt

The same principle can be used on a number of other bureaucracies the
GOP supposedly despises. The Department of Education, Health and Human
Resources, Commerce, National Endowment of the Arts, Energy, and the
BATF are just a few places where Republicans interested in checking the
abuses of power by the Clinton administration could put the pressure on.

But they don’t. And they won’t. Even Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, last
week supported the extension of “Most Favored Nation” status to China,
even though he knows Beijing is aggressively stealing our secrets and
using our “free trade” deficit money to buy weapons to destroy us. He
even admitted that the “free trade” concept is bogus because it’s only
“free” for the Chinese. But he voted for MFN anyway.

How can you win?

I say it’s time to get rid of these people. They’re either too
compromised or too few in number to return this nation to constitutional

To Democrats and Republicans, I say, “None of the above.”

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