Make no mistake about it: The mainstream media is this country’s
worst enemy on the issue of the Second Amendment. And after another
recent spate of shootings — perpetrated not by guns alone but by
deranged, psychopathic losers using guns — the spin machine has
been ratcheted up to full steam.

A piece
this week’s Time magazine by author Roger Rosenblatt says it all:
“Get rid of the damned things!” and superficially it looks like
little more than another media attempt to convince Americans that our
society has outgrown the U.S. Constitution.

Rosenblatt uses some familiar socialist anti-gun themes, such as
never assigning blame to the criminals and social misfits who commit
heinous acts and offering only one solution, the total banning of guns.
But his article is not, however, simply a rehash of tired,
emotion-filled liberal dogma. It is conciliatory — almost understanding
— of the pro-gun position. Rosenblatt even says that liberals
typically ignore compelling evidence about gun ownership and the
positive effect that has on crime by such notable researchers as Gary
Kleck and John Lott, Jr.

That tact is a new one and it is sure to win anti-gun converts while
throwing the pro-gun forces off-balance.

It isn’t so much what Rosenblatt is saying as it is how he is
saying it. He is attempting to use a proper mix of indignation,
outrage, and calm “rational” appeal in order to make his point. He even
goes out of his way not to demonize the NRA, and admonishes his
mostly liberal readers not to stereotype gun owners as apes who drag
their knuckles, live in the South and answer to the name, “Bubba.” He
even admits that most pro-gun advocates are of equal intelligence and
standing with “urban liberals” — a notion that probably made urban
liberals recoil in disgust.

“Gun-control forces also ought not to make reform an implicit or
explicit attack on people who like and own guns,” he said. “Urban
liberals ought to be especially alert to the cultural bigotry that
categorizes such people as hicks, racists, psychotics and so forth. For
one thing, a false moral superiority is impractical and incites a
backlash among people otherwise sympathetic to sensible gun control,
much like the backlash the pro-abortion rights forces incurred once
their years of political suasion had ebbed. And the demonizing of gun
owners or even the NRA is simply wrong. The majority of gun owners are
as dutiful, responsible and sophisticated as most of their taunters.”

But be advised: Rosenblatt’s conciliatory approach is nothing but a

In appearing to be “understanding” of the pro-gun position while
exuding a coat of calm rationality, he is making it extremely difficult
to argue with him. It’s as if he’s saying, “Look, we both know guns are
legal but come on — we ought to do the right thing and get rid of them
because they’re just not good for our society anymore.”

Rosenblatt then quantifies his conciliation by proposing an amazing
fact — that “now, more than ever,” most Americans are finally beginning
to support more gun control. To demonstrate the allegedly authenticity
of this claim, he uses a number of regionalized examples from different
communities across the country to “prove” we have had enough of guns and
the violence they cause.

“Gun-control sentiment is everywhere in the country these days — in
the White House, the presidential campaigns, the legislatures, the law
courts and the gun industry itself,” he wrote. “But it seems nowhere
more conspicuous than in the villages, the houses of worship and the
consensus of the kitchen. There comes a time in every civilization when
people have had enough of a bad thing. …”

Calm, rational, conciliatory. As every good liberal writer does,
Rosenblatt has presented the problem, made an attempt to be “fair” by
presenting the “opposing view,” then provided an answer that cannot be
readily disputed without tons of research. Plus, he makes his argument
“sound” right, not irrational, and for millions of people that’s

In the weeks to come look for more of this kind of covert — and
overt — anti-gun rhetoric from the mainstream media. The full-court
press is on and the headlines in the newspapers seem to validate the
argument that America is tired of guns and the crimes committed with
them — even if there is no proof that is true.

Granted, Americans should be concerned about all this gun violence.
But the media is turning the debate over guns into a matter of national
conscience, not simply a matter of the rule of law — probably because
liberals have discovered they cannot satisfactorily refute the simple
meaning of our right to keep and bear arms.

Understand one thing: These people are helping Uncle Sam come after
our guns. They don’t understand that if we lose our ability to defend
all constitutional rights, the next one to go will be freedom of

God help this country then, because we all know what will happen

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