In 1991, while campaigning for what would become his first term as
president of the United States, an indignant candidate Clinton chided
then-President George Bush for “coddling Beijing’s dictators” in matters of foreign policy.

Among other things, Clinton criticized Bush’s continual support of
Most Favored Nation trade status for China, even though China’s human
rights record was abysmal, and even though in 1989 China forcefully
cracked down on democracy supporters in Tiananmen Square.

Since then Clinton has twice been elected as president. And since
then Clinton has never taken a hard-line approach to dealing with China,
even though Americans now know that China has done far worse than
simply quell internal dissent using force. What is more is that Clinton
himself has intimate knowledge of all of these things, yet continues to
behave as though Serbia,
Iraq, Sudan, Haiti, and Somalia pose greater threats to U.S. national

In a recent issue of Insight magazine, Rep. Chris Cox, R-Calif., in
response to criticism of his now infamous Cox Report on Chinese thefts
of U.S. nuclear weapons secrets, concluded, “There was a simple reason
that nine senior members of Congress, including liberal Democrats and
conservative Republicans, voted unanimously after six months of closed
proceedings that vital U.S. military technology was lost to the most
powerful communist government on earth: It happened.”

However, the Clinton administration continues to certify China as a
favored trading partner, even though Congress knows
the Chinese funneled money illegally to his campaign, stole our
nuclear secrets, continue to build weapons to threaten our national
security (using this stolen information), and — at present — are
threatening traditional allies in the Asia-Pacific theater.

So who’s guilty of coddling these days? Nearly everyone in a national
leadership role, it seems.

If you’re like me, you’re sick of hearing the apologists
–Republicans too — dismiss accusations that they’re coddling both
China and the Clinton administration. You’re sick of hearing these
people tell you, “Without a solid majority there’s nothing we can do.”
In short, you’re sick of the excuses because these excuses obscure the
real issue here — our nation is in greater danger of attack because of
the actions (and inaction) of our leaders over the past seven years.
We’re more at danger, not more safe, now that the Cold War is
supposedly over.

At this point, I really don’t care who is guilty of selling
out to China as much as I care to know what is going to be done about
it. I’m tired of the ranting and raving and political rhetoric because
rhetoric isn’t going to protect my kids and your kids from incoming
nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles (though the hot air could be a good

The Cox Report makes for great issue-oriented talk radio and column
writing. But if nobody who’s anybody pays any attention, the dire
conclusions presented in that report will be of little value when the
fat lady sings. And sooner or later, she will.

How do I know this?

Because instead of strengthening our defenses against a very real
Chinese threat, we have Clinton pawns
— left and right — paying heed to political correctness. Instead of
listening to the people who know and acting on their intimate
information of all that has happened, Congress is allowing them to be
swept under the carpet.

By failing to act swiftly, decisively and forcefully with those
to share a Chinese military connection, this Congress and this president
have sent the message to Beijing: There are no real consequences to
your actions.
Someday many of them may be gone — out of office.
But the rest of us will still be left with this threat because they were
too cowardly, too compromised, and too self-serving to do a damned thing
about it.

Consequently, because of what a few hundred people have already done,
over 270 million other Americans will only see more Chinese coddling by
all parties on the horizon.

Or are those Chinese missiles?

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