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When the first bits of contradictory evidence between the
government’s “official line” regarding the Waco debacle and those gifted
few who were actually investigating the evidence first came out, I was
convinced the government had lied to us. I knew — because I knew
Clinton already — that those poor souls in the Branch Davidian
community had never bothered anyone (especially the federal government)
and were killed for no good reason.

So did millions of other Americans who were never fooled by the
propaganda machines we routinely call the mainstream media and the White
House Press Office.

Consequently, when the Dallas Morning News first broke the story that
Texas Department of Public Safety official James B. Francis said the
Texas Rangers had evidence in their possession that nullified parts of
the FBI’s “official line” regarding the Waco tragedy, I waited eagerly
for more.

I didn’t have to wait long. This past week came an avalanche of new
information that ought to — at some point — be enough to land some
people in prison for the rest of their miserable lives.

Thus far at least some Americans have learned that indeed the FBI
lied when it told Congress and the nation that the agency did not use
incendiary devices during their assault on the Davidian community.
Because of new information offered by Francis and reported by the Dallas
Morning News, the agency has had to admit their lie — though they still
maintain that only two military incendiary smoke grenade canisters were
used in an “obscure” part of the Davidian complex, and that was “hours”
before the fire started.

We have also learned that indeed members of the Army’s elite Delta
Force were not only present during the assault — as earlier “right-wing
wacko” reporters revealed — but were instrumental in convincing
Attorney General Janet Reno to approve the assault in the first place.

“Everyone involved knows they were there,” Francis told Morning News
reporters this week. But he continued.

“If there is an issue,” he said, “it was what was their role at the
time. Some of the evidence that I have reviewed and been made aware of
is very problematical as to the role of Delta Force at the siege.”
Amen. What the hell were they doing there?

Furthermore, the paper reported, “A Department of Defense document
released under the federal Freedom of Information Act confirmed that
members of a classified Army Special Forces unit were in the area when
the FBI’s hostage rescue team used tanks to assault the compound with
tear gas.” Game, set, and match.

Not only did Francis and the DOD confirm the presence of the Delta
Force, Francis — citing evidence he has “reviewed and been made aware
of” — subsequently implied that Delta Force troops may actually have
taken part in the assault, as has been alleged by other investigative
“wackos” for years.

Before you dismiss that out of hand as “kooky,” “illogical,” or
“extremist,” remember that Francis was the one who blew the whistle
about this new evidence in the first place. And remember too that so
far, he’s batting 1000. The FBI has admitted he was right by admitting
what he said a few weeks ago — that the agency did use incendiary
devices during the raid — was correct, even though they’re trying to
put their own spin on it.

Now I have a couple of questions:

What was it you liberal Doubting Thomases were calling people like me
a few years ago? “Right-wing-extremist-wacko-loser-conspirator?” Tell
me, what’s “right wing” about being correct? And are you people now
going to apologize for misjudging those of us who recognized the
government’s lies several years ago as garbage?

Also, I’d like to pose these questions: If the FBI lied about their
use of incendiary devices and never deploying anyone from the Delta
Force, what else are they lying about? How can anyone trust any of
these people, knowing they have lied about so many key aspects of
this Waco debacle already? What else has the FBI and the government
lied to us about? TWA Flight 800 comes to mind, for starters.

To take stock of this new information, Americans now know that the
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was lying about the
circumstances surrounding their initial raid, the FBI lied about the
weapons they used, and the government lied about the presence of the
Delta Force.

Thank God the Texas Rangers got in there before the government so
hastily bulldozed all of the evidence. There’s no telling what we’re
going to find out next.

But I’ll bet if there’s any new information coming, us “right-wing
extremists” will be proven correct — again.

You socialist big government leftists owe us true believers a huge
apology — and thanks — for staying with this, the most important story
of government tyranny in the history of our modern era. Ultimately, if
our doggedness can shed more light on the lies surrounding the Waco
debacle and prevent it from happening again, who knows — the lives we
save might just be yours.

Because if the government gets away with Waco, they won’t think twice
about doing the same to you next time. Believe it.

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