Alleluia! House Government and Reform Oversight Committee Chairman Dan
Burton, R-Ind., has “pledged” to reopen the investigation into Justice
Department, FBI and military tactics used to assault the Branch Davidian
community in Waco, Texas in 1993. That’s cause for celebration, right?

Not if this “investigation” turns out like so many other “investigations”
ostensibly conducted to ferret out Clinton administration abuse of power.
If that’s all this is going to be, Mr. Burton — another song and dance —
please don’t bother wasting our tax money.

Americans are already sick of empty promises of legal (and righteous)
retaliation for known criminal activity committed by President Clinton, Vice
President Gore, Attorney General Reno and a host of others during the past 7

I’m not holding my breath.

Even though WorldNetDaily and a few others in the press have all but
validated the “right wing conspiracies” about some of the assault
tactics used at Waco — illegal military weaponry and assistance — I’m not
confident anything is going to be done about it. Perhaps that’s because,
after six years, nothing has been done about it. Why now?

The phrase, “congressional investigation” has become synonymous with the
phrase, “We’re not going to do anything.” After tens of millions of
dollars, a cache of smoking guns, admissions of guilt, and persons who have
been caught in the act either of lying or committing these felonies, how
many serious Clinton administration players have gone to jail? How
many have been stripped of their offices? How many have been banished from

I don’t know if you caught it, but in a recent piece about Defense Department procurement corruption, I quoted a letter sent
to my source by Rep. Henry Hyde, the man who chaired Clinton’s impeachment
hearings on the House Judiciary Committee. In that letter Hyde admitted
that the 900-plus files stolen by the Clinton White House were being used to
“intimidate and blackmail” certain Republican operatives and congressmen,
obviously into silence over the illegalities of virtually every political
aspect of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

What does that tell us?

Burton and Co. had people like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and
Janet Reno dead to rights over the Chinese campaign contribution scandal.
They had them dead to rights over the Filegate issue, the Travel Office
scandal, the Whitewater affair, and the Interior Department’s Indian
gambling issue scandal. They know about Ron Brown, Hazel O’Leary, and Bruce
Babbitt — all subjects of very real scandals with very real evidence to
support the claims of illegality. But nobody’s serving time, except for
Brown and Vince Foster — they’re doing “time eternal.”

For crying out loud — they’ve even got Whitewater documents with the
First Lady’s fingerprints. And they know that, ultimately, this
administration is responsible for the greatest theft of nuclear weapons
secrets ever in the history of this country.

But despite all of these scandals, and despite the fact that few people
have paid for these crimes (except the American people in general), all of a
sudden we’re supposed to believe Dan Burton is serious about “getting
to the bottom of this Waco issue?”

That’s as credible as Janet Reno’s announcement that the Justice
Department is going to conduct their own internal investigation, or her
claims that she knew nothing about the FBI’s use of pyrotechnic weapons at
Waco. So naïve is she, she says, that when she discovered “the truth,” she
became “outraged” by it.

Not half as teed off as we are, Ms. Reno, believe me.

‘Great Ape Legal Project’

People say that when a nation becomes too rich and powerful it
simultaneously becomes too complacent and, well, bored. Consequently
— without much worry about where their next meal is coming from or fighting
for the nation’s survival, like our forefathers did — people tend to find
other things to occupy their time, complain about and “fix.”

That’s got to be the case with officials (and all members) of ALDF
— Animal Legal Defense Fund officials.

According to a story published yesterday in the Washington Times,
ALDF is “exploring whether laws against slavery can help gain ‘equality
under the law’ for chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans.”

I’m not kidding. ALDF is, in essence, saying, “Apes are people too and
should be protected by our Constitution.”

You just know our founding fathers would slap these people silly if they
were still alive today.

“During the period when black people were slaves, some slave owners chose
to give their slaves their freedom through various common-law methods …”
the ALDF said. “We are exploring those sorts of common-law methods by which
human beings who were in a status of property … were granted full rights.”

Furthermore, Stephen Wise “of the Massachusetts-based Center for the
Expansion of Fundamental Rights, who will teach a course in animal law at
Harvard University this fall, has argued that ‘fundamental rights’ should be
extended to chimpanzees,” the paper said.

But rest assured, “no lawsuits or legislation are planned,” said ALDF
executive director Joyce Tischler. “At this point, we are just doing
research.” She went on to assure us that animal rights groups are “not
comparing animals to black people, to women or to fetuses (ed. note: does
she mean babies?) in asserting they have rights.”

Oh. Then what is the point of this “research,” Ms. Tischler — to satisfy
your own curiosity? Anti-gun and tobacco groups “were never planning
lawsuits” either — until they filed them. Give me a break.

When we have bona fide organizations in this country looking into whether
or not they can legally require legislators to grant equal protection under
the law to animals — and not unborn babies, who are human
beings — not only is something seriously wrong with our values system, but
indeed we do have way too much time on our hands.

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