The Iowa caucus is over. It was a raucous, good-time political rally
with an array of candidates on display who warm the hearts of
Republicans everywhere. While George W. Bush demonstrated that he is a
very likable, charismatic leader, and while Steve Forbes has shown
that he is much more than just another pretty face, there was not a
loser in the lot. All are smart and full of creative ideas for
re-establishing trust between the people and their government.

One message came through loud and clear. Republicans are chomping at
the bit to sweep away every vestige of a disgraceful and humiliating
Clinton administration.

The reaction of Democrats gives credibility to the rip-roaring
enthusiasm of Republicans. Democrats are terrified of what is coming
their way. They have flailed out with hysterical attacks, accusing
Republicans of lusting to ruin the environment, withhold funds
from education and cut back Medicare and Social Security benefits. They
accused the Republicans of being cruelly indifferent, even hostile, to
the legitimate needs and rights of blacks, Hispanics, hoot owls,
immigrants, women, kangaroo rats, old people, endangered weeds and
children. They said the Republican Party was the party of the rich,
dominated by special interests, greedy corporations and right-wing
Christian extremists. They said the Republican Party is in complete
disarray, being torn apart by internal strife and contention.

Democrats have implemented a hollow version of the strategy that the
best defense is a good offense. They praise “diversity” but allow no
divergent ideas in their party. They make a shambles of campaign laws,
then, vigorously campaign on the need for new campaign laws. They
describe themselves as the party of “education” while conspiring with
the education unions to prevent reform. They implement welfare policies
that literally destroy the black family and
boast of their record on race relations. They undermine “family values”
even as they make speeches about the need for them. They persistently
refuse to enforce gun laws but make an issue of the need for more such
laws. They present themselves as the champion of Social Security and
Medicare while opposing every attempt to put in essential reforms. They
preach parental responsibility, while systematically taking control of
the minds and bodies of the

The Democrat Party is a strange concoction of groups which, at least
on the surface, have nothing in common. What enables this party of
ragtags to present a unified, even monolithic front? What themes are
embedded in the politics of liberalism that unify uncivil lawyers,
abortionists and homosexuals? I have said, in a different context, that
the glue holding the Democrat Party together is the ability to service
their special-interest constituencies with benefits, preferential
treatment, lifestyle validation, ideological succor and hard cash stolen
from other Americans.

That is a pragmatic explanation. There is also a philosophic
explanation for Democrat bonding that runs deeper and informs us more
fully. Liberal Democrats share a philosophy of “no fault” living,
premised upon the nihilistic belief that we are helpless pawns in this
life — that the forces of nature and society around us are overwhelming
— that we are essentially victims.

To paraphrase the Bard, it is a philosophy of life that says that the
fault lies not in ourselves but in the stars. Since there is no grand
design or purpose to the universe, since life itself is nothing more
than an accident, sin and guilt are burdens we don’t have to carry.
In effect, the rules governing man’s behavior can be whatever we want
them to be.

This vision is inconsistent with religious faith, that is why
liberals work assiduously to censor religious expression and substitute
the laws of the State for those of the Creator of the Universe.

With God out of the way and the Democrat Party on their side,
homosexuals, abortionists and uncivil lawyers are liberated from any
fear of accountability either in the here or in the hereafter. They bear
bitter fruits: deviancy, infanticide and extortion — and parade them
before us like trophies.

As we look back over the course of human history and contemplate the
fate of nations, their rise and fall, we encounter twists and turns of
triumph and disaster that we cannot explain. But while much of the what
and why of human destiny is unfathomable, there are a few certainties we
can identify.

One of these certainties is the relationship between morality and
freedom. If an immoral people are given freedom, disorder in the form of
violence, corruption and depravity is inevitable. The disorder will
devolve into social chaos and anarchy and the people will beg Big
Brother to save them.

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