I’ve had enough. I love the Constitution as much as anyone, but it’s
time that we outlaw the deadly weapons that are killing our children.

The statistics tell a frightening story — across America roughly 9
children are killed every day; nearly 1,000 are injured. Yet for me the
statistics alone didn’t mean much until this epidemic of young lives
tragically lost to violent death hit closer to home.

Just yesterday, less than a mile from my home in suburban San Diego
County, two youngsters were killed, three others seriously wounded in
another senseless tragedy involving teen-agers and deadly weapons.

I suppose if it had happened at a school it might have made the
national headlines. Instead the tragedy only made a local splash.
Otherwise, I’m sure the usual voices would be raised on behalf of our
children. The silence from Sen. Dianne Feinstein was deafening. She’s
usually the first to seize the moment to call for new “controls” when
youngsters die violently. Perhaps she wasn’t aware of the tragedy. In
truth, this was just a “typical” story of the havoc one youngster can
wreak with a loaded weapon in her hands. Saddest of all, the victims
were friends of the killer. Surely she must have known the weapon was
loaded. After all it belonged to her. She had even undergone extensive
training to use it.

Whenever something like this happens we can only ask why. Do we need
to better educate kids on how deadly these weapons are? Have we somehow
failed to instill proper values? Should we blame Hollywood and the
music industry for glorifying these weapons of destruction?

There are no clear cut answers, only the ongoing loss of life and the

accompanying grief.

That is why we must change the laws now! Think of the innocent lives

which will be saved. Constitutionalists will raise a fuss asserting
their rights and freedoms. But folks, we are squandering our most
precious natural resource. Is any freedom worth that?

I never thought it would come to this, I never thought that I, as a
conservative, would suggest it. But I see no other choice. …

We must take CARS out of the hands of teen-agers!

Steve Vaus is a singer-songwriter. His new album, “American
History,” is available through his

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