Yakety-Yak. Do you like talk radio? Like to express your
opinions on a variety of subjects? Then you should check out Talkway, which invites you to “exchange
ideas on practically everything” — from business and government to
authors and education. Parents of teens and families who have a member
suffering with Alzheimer’s or another affliction can find support and
get information from others in similar circumstances.

Master Of Suspense. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the
birth of Alfred Hitchcock, Mystery Net has set up a special site. It offers an in-depth
look at many facets of the career of the famous director, from profiles
and articles to anecdotes and fun facts.

All Sports All The Time. When you’re traveling and want to
keep up with your home team, if you’ve moved far from your alma mater
and like to check on how its football squad is doing or if you’re a
sports nut, Sports Sleuth
provides the latest news and information on all football, baseball and
basketball teams, as well as college football and NASCAR racing.

Remodeling. Anyone’s who’s fixing up a home can learn a lot
from the TV show This Old House. The official website of the home improvement
show has a good resource directory and helpful information from experts.
Currently you can get a sneak preview at the fall project and take
virtual tours of past makeovers.

Going Places. A great travel source for women by women is Journeywoman. There you can find
useful tips and advice for trips of all kinds — from what to wear on a
business trip to Tokyo to where to shop in Toronto. And all the hints
are from women who’ve been there.

Trivia Heaven. You naturally know the name of the first man to
walk on the moon, but who was the last? Find out at Deb and Jen’s Land o’ Useless
. This is also the place to find the answer to the burning
question of whose voice it is that welcomes you to AOL and announces,
“You’ve got mail!

Detour. Are there any major or minor roads in the U.S. that
aren’t being repaired or are under construction this time of year? When
you head out for a long car trip, it sure doesn’t seem like it. To find
out ahead of time where the delays are likely to be, first visit Rand
McNally’s road
page to check your route.

Reel Reviews. Although summer will soon be over, the new
movies keep coming. Find reviews from both male and female points of
view at Reeling Reviews. Mr. Showbiz not only provides movie
reviews but keeps you up to date on the worlds of TV, music and film.
Mr. Showbiz also offers bios of stars and excellent interviews of
entertainment personalities.

The Century So Far. Choose any decade of the 20th century and
the History Channel’s time
will tell you about its important people and events.

The Blues. You’ll find a biography, sound bites and more at
the official Muddy Waters
official site, home of the king of electric blues. But if you’re really
into blues, you need to trek The
Blue Highway
, where you’ll find everything from tributes to blues
greats to listings of blues radio broadcasts, as well as chat and news.
But the site’s greatest strength is the huge collection of links to
blues sites on the Web.

Games For Kids. LifeSavers’ Candy Stand provides more than 30
entertaining (and sometimes educational) Shockwave games for
elementary-school kids. All of them are free. One of the latest is the
Fruit Stripe
where youngsters are allotted one roll of virtual film and
journey through rain forest and jungle taking photographs of the animals
they find. The better the picture, the more points are awarded to the
player. Each picture appears in a virtual photo album as soon as it’s
taken. When kids click on any of the pictures in the album, they learn
interesting facts about the animals and hear the sounds they make

Slugfest. If you’ve never played baseball, you may have
wondered what it would be like to have a ball heading for you at 90 mph.
Now, at the Louisville Slugger
, you can find out. You can also view the world’s largest
baseball glove (it weighs 21 tons!).

Free PCs. A reader e-mailed to ask about the companies that
are “giving away” computers in exchange for your signing up for so many
years of Internet access with them. Yes, they’re generally legit. But
you’re locking yourself into paying at least $19.95 and sometimes more
per month to a company that may be new and untried. Down the road you
may not like their service at all. But for some people this is the
bargain of the century. If you haven’t seen any of these offers in your
local community, you can find a couple on the Web. Free PC and Direct Web, for instance. I would
avoid any offers that provide a PC in exchange for your efforts at
multilevel marketing and read any contract very carefully.

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