Managing Your Money. Have you ever wondered if it might be
smarter for you to buy a used car rather than a shiny new vehicle, if a
15-year mortgage is really superior to a 30-year one or how you can find
a credit card that will give you the most benefits and charge you the
least? Financenter has the
calculators to find the answers to those everyday financial questions
and numerous others — and they’ll be tailored just for you and your

Vote For Pineapple. Lifesavers recently announced that it’s
replacing the pineapple flavor in its rolls of candy circles. The
reaction I’ve heard most is, “But pineapple is my favorite flavor.” If
you feel that way you can vote at the Lifesavers 2000 website. Of
course, you can also vote for one of the possible replacements:
strawberry or watermelon. First they give us blue M&Ms and now
watermelon Lifesavers. What’s the world coming to?

Driveways Of The Rich And Famous. Forget the stars’ homes.
What about the driveways they tool
their Mercedes Benzes in and out of the garage on? John Cunningham
decided to film these and as he did, often had encounters — sometimes
pleasant, sometimes not — with the celebrities themselves.

Internet Tutorial. If you’re relatively new to the Net or if
you’ve been around awhile but still don’t understand everything you’d
like to, Web Teacher has one of
the best self-directed tutorials around. Instead of a surface treatment,
this collaboration between Tech Corps and the cable TV industry is
extremely detailed. It covers Web browsers, FTP, news groups and mailing
lists as well as the more basic information you need to know,

Wake Up! Have trouble getting up in the morning? Have Mr. Wakeup call you on the phone and
wake you up at the time you specify. It’s free to anyone in the U.S. or
Canada. The catch? The call begins with a five-second commercial. In
addition to wake-up calls, you can also schedule a motivational call for
later in the day, or you can have the news read to you.

Y2K Humor. The premise of Minus Y2K: The Bug That
Toppled Egypt
is that the Egyptians had computers in 1400 BC but the
two-digit date code did them in. If you’re sick of Y2K talk, you may
find this amusing.

Traveling On. Thousands of travel-related websites have been
reviewed and rated by Planet
in an effort to help you find the best travel info on the Web.
The Travel Wire section has maps, weather and currency converters.
Travel Bargains link you to airfare, hotel, car rental and cruise
discount pages. You can also take a 10-minute virtual mini-vacation by
clicking on some of the world’s most glamorous destinations.

Not So Mad Scientists. If you have a question about any type
of science (is it possible for a person to have eyes of different
colors?), the Mad Scientist Network
will provide the answers. You can search the archives for previous
answers, ask your own question if it hasn’t been answered before, have
fun with science and click on the random knowledge generator.

Love Those Monsters. Amelia Wilson is smitten by gargoyles and
she looks for them everywhere she goes. Her site, A Love of Monsters,
takes you on virtual tours of the gargoyle-featuring architecture of New
York City. If it’s a gargoyle and in Manhattan, she probably has it
pictured. She also links you to gargoyle sites at universities around
the country.

Warship. The Mary Rose is the only 16th century warship in
existence. One of Henry VIII’s favorites, it sunk in 1545 and was
eventually salvaged. At the Mary
site, you can take a tour of the ship, find out about her
history, as well as about everything from English naval tactics to
Henry’s six wives.

Hot Enough For You? If it’s steamy where you lie, cool off
with frost-O-Matic, an
interactive program that lets you create a virtual snow creature.

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