“… believe them not, though they speak fair words unto thee.”

–Jeremiah 12:6

We live in a world built upon deceit. Ours is an age that cannot know
truth, for its professional wise men — those who inhabit our halls of
learning — deny that truth exists. Our fate as individuals under their
tutelage is to stumble from one passionate, lying embrace to the next,
fueling our pain and
alienating our souls, engaged in a blind search for that which we have
been warned we cannot have.

Our past no longer speaks to us from its storehouse of wisdom, its
embarrassing failures, or its triumphant heroes. Instead, these stand
mute: servants of the professional liars, who — like clowns
and balloon-sculptors at the fair — twist, contort and pinch our
history into shapes those who fashioned it would never recognize. These
colorful balloon-beasts they send forth to slay the demons of our
collective guilt, selfishness and ambition, so that we may all together
appear wise, just, and righteous in our own eyes.

It is now an accepted fact that the perks of high political office in
the United States include sex with campaign contributors’ children; that
there is no accountability — not from the courts, the people, or the
Congress — for lies so voluminous that they can no longer be properly
counted and catalogued; that treason in the form of leaving our nation
naked and defenseless before its enemies is an acceptable means of
campaign fundraising — provided that it helps you to win the next
election; and that God is an absentee landlord, doesn’t bother to vote,
and neither sees nor hears our multitudinous affronts to His character,
perhaps because He is too busy blessing us with His patience and grace.

Our society has accepted the notion that “guns kill people,” while
excusing the murderous madmen who wield them, carefully sighting their
victims and pulling the trigger — actions practiced so many
times before in the most popular video “game” releases by our wildly
successful “entertainment” corporations. Property has taken on a life of
its own and defied creationism, crossing the species
barrier and evolving into an entity possessed of guilt or innocence, and
can be arrested and confiscated for its “actions,” sold into slavery
with the arresting agency, all without a thought
for constitutional or legal protection, and to the ruin of its former

The “evil influences” of Jesus Christ and the Bible, which gave us
the foundations upon which our freedoms, our government and our
unimaginable prosperity were built — must, at all costs — be
kept out of our schools. Let us instead worship evil under the guise of
tolerance — and invite in the demonic “spirit guides” of the “new age”
to teach our children how to listen to these lying voices and follow
them “wherever they lead.” Littleton seems so confusing to us; better to
let the “professionals” work it out. If only you knew the ultimate
destination, dear mother and father.

Science, once the proud god of this age, has been profaned by her own
worshipers: in her very temple researchers fabricate evidence to get the
politically-correct answer that yields their next fix
of government money; gatekeepers in the professions hide behind their
titles of nobility while they lie and distort evidence, abuse their
power, regulate their numbers and hide their dark deeds from public
scrutiny. The destruction of colleagues’ lives is of no concern if it
enhances their imagined “infallibility.”

Our children have accepted these lies as their own, and are busy
building their lives upon them. Perhaps you remember their innocent
little eyes, staring up at you, as you casually handed
them one of these sugar-coated lies, smiled reassuringly, patted them on
the head and sent them on their way. Perhaps you were yourself unaware
of the flood of evil slowly building around us,
and now find yourself alarmed. Jesus spoke of the result:

“And every one who heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them
not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the
sand: And the rain descended, and floods came, and the winds blew, and
beat upon that house and it fell: and great was the fall of it.”

–Matthew 7:26-27

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