According to a 1997 report on the Chinese defense industry by the
Rand Corp., the Chinese communists “often reward themselves with large
official and unofficial commissions. … In the case
of the ministry level receipts, these funds are believed to be used for
a wide variety of legitimate and illegitimate purposes, ranging from
modernization of industrial plants to the padding of the Swiss bank
accounts of top ministry officials.”

Doing business with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is very
profitable for the corrupt. It is no surprise that the Chinese army does
its banking with the same firms who did Adolf Hitler’s finances.

The communist Chinese have come to accept Marxism and money. The
curious mix of left wing politics and capitalist profits is not a new
concept. The fall of old communism came during the 1980s with Premier Li
Peng’s order to “just go and make money.”

Li Peng’s order has given rise to a new fascism. The central party
and single power of the Chinese communists are not threatened with the
advent of consumer goods. The PLA generals profit, the army profits and
even the party profits.

However, the massive giant of over a billion people cannot match the
economic output and standard of living earned by a few million on the
tiny island-nation of Taiwan. The People’s Republic of China can not
match Taiwan even after the jewel of Hong Kong was given away to the red
overlords. Obviously, being able to choose which toothpaste to buy is
not freedom.

The first to pay for the Clinton China policy are the freedom-loving
Chinese, seeking to liberate themselves from the corrupt communist
warlords. The anti-American fever that swept Beijing
after the U.S. bombing of the Chinese embassy allowed the red masters to
crack down on dissidents and divert attention from an ailing economy.
The bloody crackdown continues to this day while Clinton remains silent.

The PLA Second Artillery Corps has more nuclear weapons than all the
other Asian nations combined. No Asian nation can currently field an
anti-missile system to stop a PRC
nuclear tipped missile. Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and Filipino allies
once stood with America under the nuclear sword during the long years of
the Cold War. Clinton has abandoned our brave Asian allies.

The word from the White House is that China will not invade Taiwan.
The words from Beijing are, according to the Democrat spin, simple saber
rattling. No military action is predicted until after a summit meeting
between Clinton and Jiang Zemin in the fall of 1999. The spin is that
the so-called “Clinton” effect will keep the People’s Liberation Army in
their barracks instead of going for a swim.

Chinese President Jiang Zemin could care less about meeting Bill
Clinton. Any political deal with the lamest duck in history, the
impeached Bill Clinton, will evaporate before the coming elections. Any
technology exports are likely to draw too much press attention to be
useful. The Chinese communists are hoping to buy the next U.S. election
and their investment in Bill Clinton is rapidly running out.

Clinton’s crackdown on U.S. investigative journalists is
representative of his corrupt and dangerous administration. Democrats
often point out that the abuse of the IRS by Richard Nixon was his final
transgression. Clinton has already shown he is willing to abuse the
press with his presidential
powers, including the IRS audit of the Western Journalism Center.

Yet, none of the so-called defenders of the press have leapt to the
rescue. Henry Waxman and the Democrats now stand accused of helping the
cover-up by confessed PLA bagman Johnny Chung. The Republicans, stung by
the Starr investigation of Monica, are not about to go up against the
Clinton machine again. CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post
all remain strangely silent about the events slowly unfolding behind the
White House orders to intimidate and cow journalists with the powers of
the U.S. government.

The facts speak volumes that all the spin-masters cannot distort. The
first rule of Watergate journalism is “follow the MONEY.” Obviously,
there was enough money for PLA “Swiss” bank
accounts. What of the allegations that Ron Brown and Vince Foster also
had off-shore bank accounts? Does Hillary Clinton or Vice President Gore
have a Swiss bank account stuffed with
illegal bribes spun by foreign investors?

You can be sure that ABC, CBS, and NBC will not seek the answers to
these questions. And you can be just as sure that this reporter will
pursue the allegations and the money.

And what benefit does the Chinese Army get from doing business with
Clinton? According to the Rand Corp. report, “For those who oppose any
subsidization of the PLA, there is thus ample evidence that profits from
PLA-affiliated enterprises directly benefit the main-line forces of the
Chinese military.”

While Bill Clinton cut U.S. defense budgets he approved the
“subsidization of the PLA.”

One hard-core benefit for China from U.S. technology and finance is
the DF-31 missile. The new Dong Feng (EAST WIND) 31 missile performed
flawlessly during its first test flight. The DF-31
can reach any city in America and is armed with three nuclear warheads.
The DF-31 has Clinton-supplied guidance, nuclear warhead, nose cone and
solid rocket engine technologies.

The DF-31 is equipped with many technologies stolen or bought from
America during Clinton’s term. The DF-31 success was so spectacular that
the PLA Second Artillery will deploy 20
missiles by the end of 2000. According to intelligence sources in the
Pentagon, China will deploy over 1,000 nuclear-tipped missiles in the
next decade.

China pundits consider the PRC a nuclear pygmy and no threat to the
United States. The Chinese currently fields no more than 20 long-range
CSS missiles and their military forces are cramped by
serious technology shortages. The total number of Chinese nuclear bombs,
including short-range tactical weapons, is no more than 900. In
comparison, the U.S. can field over 5,000 nuclear weapons.

Of course, no one has ever fought a nuclear war, and few of the
pundits have studied such weapons in combat. The pundits are playing
dangerous games with our lives. The DF-31 is better than the U.S. MX and
Minuteman missiles. The DF-31 represents a decade of successful
espionage against America.

Nuclear weapons do not require large numbers to be effective. The
Chinese army recently threatened to use neutron bombs on any U.S. Navy
carrier that should stray too close to Taiwan.
Chinese officials have already threatened to destroy Los Angeles if we
help Taiwan resist an invasion. One new DF-31 missile could flatten
L.A., San Francisco and San Diego.

The U.S. is no longer the lone super-power. The saber rattling from
Beijing is the birth cry of a new fascist super-state. China has forced
the western powers to bow on bended knee and now the earth trembles when
the People’s Liberation Army Second Artillery moves.

The birth cries from Beijing are also a wake up call. Just what would
Clinton do if Taiwanese cities disappeared in a blinding flash? How
would he apologize for 20 million dead? On the day after World War III,
would we finally regret that we did not build a missile defense for
America and our Asian allies when we had a chance?

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