Does anyone remember when NATO stopped bombing Yugoslavia? Does
anyone remember NATO’s bold claims about what its massive, unprovoked
attack on Yugoslavia had accomplished? Does anyone remember that
Clinton’s “wag the dog” war in Yugoslavia started just as the Chinese
spying scandal was breaking? Does anyone remember that the war ended
soon after we bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade and sent the
Chinese Communist politicians home? Does anyone care about what is
happening in Yugoslavia today?

Well, I care, and I’m deeply saddened that the press is ignoring
NATO’s “bright shining lie.” I’m offended by the failure of the press to
pay as much attention to the murder of Kosovar Serbs as they did to the
NATO orchestrated mayhem against Kosovar Albanians. Apparently the press
has bought NATO’s lie that a Serbian life is not worth respecting.

NATO started killing Serbs and Kosovar Albanians to stop Serbs and
Kosovar Albanians from killing each other. NATO said that it couldn’t
stand by and let the “evil” Serbs execute Kosovar Albanians in their
homes, in their fields and in their cities. NATO said that it had to
destroy Serbia to prevent the Milosevic regime from using ethnic
cleansing to rid Kosovo of its Albanian citizens. However, now that some
Kosovar Albanians are doing all of the above to the Kosovar Serbs, NATO
is doing nothing to stop it.

What are the facts? Some Kosovar Albanians have executed hundreds of
Kosovar Serbs in their cities, towns and villages since NATO occupied
Kosovo. Some Kosovar Albanians have killed Kosovar Serbs with mortar
attacks right under the nose of NATO troops, but NATO says it can’t find
the responsible parties.

Some Kosovar Albanians executed 14 Kosovar Serbian farmers in their
fields, and all that NATO could do was try to provide security for their
funerals. Some Kosovar Albanians have desecrated and destroyed scores of
Kosovar Serbian churches, but NATO can’t protect these houses of worship
either. They have murdered Kosovar Serbian priests and they have raped
nuns, but NATO claims it is powerless to prevent these crimes against

This is the same NATO that said its bombs, dropped from 15,000 ft.,
could prevent equally sad atrocities against Kosovar Albanians just a
few months ago.

Since NATO became the warlord of Kosovo, some Kosovar Albanians have
looted and burned thousands of Kosovar Serbian homes, offices,
factories, stores and farms. Since NATO sent in troops to “guarantee”
the safety of the Kosovar Albanians, hundreds of thousands of Kosovar
Serbs have been ethnically cleansed from their homes. All NATO has done
is to make sure that the convoys of Kosovar Serbs fleeing their
ancestral home get safe passage out of Kosovo.

Is this the result that anyone wanted at the end of NATO’s dirty
little war? Is the rape of Kosovo worth the billions of dollars,
thousands of innocent deaths, and 12,000 NATO bombs? Is this sad, no,
tragic state of affairs worth NATO turning Yugoslavia into an ecological
nightmare? Can anyone say that Yugoslavia is safer today because of what
NATO did? Does anyone know how long we have extended the “Balkan
sickness” of ethnic hatred because of NATO’s brutality? Does anyone even
care about the Balkans?

Before NATO made things worse in Kosovo, NATO made things worse in
Bosnia. We could have prevented the tragedy by giving the Muslims the
arms to protect themselves. However, instead of doing that, both
Republican and Democrat administrations allowed Croats and Serbs to
partition Bosnia by force. Now, we have stationed NATO troops and hordes
of “do-gooders-for-a-fee” parasites all over Southern Yugoslavia at an
annual cost greater than $5,000,000,000 a year. In the process, we have
turned a proud but poor region of Europe into a region of poverty pimps.

If you think this is a horrible tale, and it is, it gets worse. This
week, the press reports that Muslim, Croat and Serb political bosses in
Bosnia have stolen more than $1,000,000,000 in humanitarian aid. It’s
gone. Taken, squandered and wasted. No one knows where it is and no one
seems to care. However, we do know that the poor, the defenseless and
the needy of Bosnia have not and will never receive any benefit from our

Do you know whose money they stole? They stole your money, because we
Americans pay the lion’s share of all international bills. Just think
what we could do for our children with the money those crooks stole.
Think about how many American kids could have a better day with the
money that these pirates ripped off. Think about how many families could
sleep easier at night with the money that they earned and the Bosnian
greed lords have stolen. I ask you, have you heard any howls of outrage
from the White House or Congress? Remember, those Bosnian crooks stole
our money. In fact, if the press says they have proof that they stole a
billion dollars of Bosnian aid, what is the real number?

While we’re talking about numbers, here’s a number I want to see. How
much did NATO’s dirty little war cost America? How come neither Congress
nor the press have given us that number? How many innocent people died
during the war? How many “real” tanks were destroyed during the war? Oh
yes, when will we start rebuilding Yugoslavia and how much will that
cost us?

Oh, my friends, our government has sold its soul to the devil on this
one. Our government has committed the worst of sins. It has made an
incredibly bad situation much worse. Generations of innocent
Yugoslavians will pay a terrible price for this “wag the dog” war.
Generations of Americans will share in this price through higher taxes
and having to live in a less-secure world.

When you think about Yugoslavia, and I hope you do, please answer
this question for me: Do you think that the life of an innocent Kosovar
Serb is any less important than the life of an innocent Kosovar
Albanian? If you agree with me that both are equal before God, then what
have we done to the people of Yugoslavia and what are we going to do to
make things right?

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