On Oct. 15, 1991, the United States Senate confirmed Clarence Thomas
as the 106th Associate Justice of the United State Supreme Court.
Clarence’s nomination was viciously and unethically fought by white
racist liberals, black Democrat socialists, hard-left radicals, militant
feminists and pro-abortionists. They tried to destroy Clarence Thomas
because they did not want a “black conservative” U.S. Supreme Court
Justice. When they couldn’t defeat him on the merits of his
qualifications, they falsely accused him of sexual harassment.

I am proud to say that I played a role in defeating this dastardly
attack. I am proud to say that those of us who believe in truth,
freedom, personal responsibility and the ability of all of God’s
children to achieve their greatest carried the day. I am proud to say
that Clarence Thomas has made an outstanding Supreme Court Justice and
has brought honor to Yale Law School.

Two thousand, eight hundred and seventy-three days have passed since
the Senate said “YES” to Clarence. However, the hard-left won’t leave
him alone. They continue to attack and pillory him while they make
excuse after excuse for another Yale Law School grad, Bill Clinton. A
man who has disgraced the presidency, his family and the world.

During the next two weeks, the Showtime cable channel will air an
attack pseudo documentary about the 1991 confirmation hearings called
“Strange Justice.” This piece-of-trash movie is based upon a 1994
hatchet-job book written by two feminist enemies of black conservatives.
Their book and the Showtime movie distort the truth, leave out key
evidence and try to do in the press what the enemies of truth couldn’t
do with a Democrat-controlled Senate.

Strange Justice is based upon two lies. First, that Clarence was the
pawn of white conservatives. The second lie was that the Senate prevented
other women, who were credible, from testifying that Clarence has
sexually harassed them also. Both arguments are absolutely false.
Nevertheless, racist white liberals cannot accept the idea that
Americans of color can reject socialist liberalism for capitalist

I know Anita Hill. She lied. I know Clarence Thomas. He told the
truth. Those are the facts, but Showtime doesn’t care about the facts.
As the hearings were ending, eight women who worked with Clarence
testified in his defense. Even the book admits that their testimony was
powerful. Nevertheless, the moving testimony of those eight brave women
was left out of the movie. White liberal racists don’t want to be
bothered by the facts when they are spinning their web of lies.

The eight women, some of whom had been the victims of real sexual
harassment and sexual abuse, testified that Clarence was a good man.
They testified about working with Clarence late at night and not
experiencing any of Anita’s fantasies. They testified about how they
could talk to Clarence about the sexual harassment and abuse that they
experienced. They testified that Anita was a scheming gold-digger who
couldn’t trick Clarence into falling for her. They put the final nail in
Anita’s coffin. Showtime’s failure to include them in its sordid little
movie is prime evidence of the evil political intent of Strange Justice.

The good news is that Clarence is on the court. The good news is that
they can continue their attacks, and he will continue to be a great
Supreme Court Justice. My message to white liberal racists is Clarence’s
message to them: Get over it. We reject your “minority victim” mantle.
We can think for ourselves, thank you. We are here to stay.

To appreciate Showtime’s crime against a good man, let’s compare the
charges against Clarence that the U.S. Senate rejected with the charges
against Bill Clinton that he admitted. Let’s then look at how the
hard-left, radical feminists, pro-abortionists, white racist liberals
and black Democrat socialists treated Clarence and Bill. If, after this
analysis, you believe that liberals respect people of color, Democrats
respect the truth and Bill Clinton doesn’t lie, feel free to continue
living in your own fantasy world.

Clarence upset many liberals when he said that he was the victim of a
“high tech” lynching. However, if you look at the facts, it’s hard to
come to any other conclusion. Both Clarence and Bill are Yale Law
graduates. Bill Clinton did things that they never even accused Clarence
of. Nevertheless, while the liberals continue to vilify Clarence, they
told the world that Bill could do nothing that would justify his removal
from office.

When Anita Hill slithered out from under her rock, liberals said that
it didn’t matter if “that woman” said Clarence never touched her.
However, white liberal racists have a double standard for white liberal
presidents. When, pray tell, will Showtime air a movie about the
president who inserted a cigar up a federal employee’s genitals in the
People’s House? When will Showtime air a movie about Juanita
Broaddrick’s rape charges? When will Showtime air a movie about Jennifer
Flower’s cocaine-use charges? When will Showtime tell the truth?

In 1991, liberals said that it didn’t matter if “that woman” said
Clarence never asked her for sex. Earlier this year, liberal senators
voted that there was nothing wrong with the president having multiple
episodes of oral sex with a federal employee in the workplace.

In 1991, liberals said that Anita Hill was a victim of a vicious sexual
harassment event though she admitted that she continued to call Clarence
for years after she left Washington, D.C. During the impeachment saga,
they defended Bill Clinton by claiming that he was ministering to a
“disturbed young woman” by having phone sex with her while his wife was

In 1991, liberals said that they believed Anita’s story that Clarence
had sexually harassed her. They conveniently ignored the fact that she
invited Clarence to be the keynote speaker for a Sexual Harassment
Conference at Oral Roberts University after she left Washington,
D.C. Now they say that it simply doesn’t matter if the president of the
United States lied under oath in a federal lawsuit, before a federal
grand jury and to the American people.

How long would Clarence Thomas have lasted if his defense to Anita
Hill’s charges had been that oral sex wasn’t sex? How long would
Clarence Thomas have lasted if he claimed that he hadn’t committed
perjury because “it depended upon what the definition of the world ‘is’

Don’t expect Showtime to deal with any of these factual issues.
Strange Justice isn’t about the truth, it isn’t about facts and it isn’t
about justice. It is yet another manifestation of the hard-left’s
anguish that they couldn’t destroy an outstanding American on the altar
of radical feminism and baby killing. It is their primal scream that for
eight years, Clarence has been a key vote to keep the federal government
in line.

If Strange Justice was just the sophomoric ranting of spoiled brats
who didn’t get their way, it would be bad enough. However, the horror of
Strange Justice is that it is a brazen attempt to distort history and
poison the minds of millions of viewers. Even worse, it is an
unprincipled attack on a very decent man.

If you care about freedom, liberty and the truth, e-mail
Showtime’s office
and tell them that
you are canceling your subscription. If you don’t subscribe, e-mail them
anyway. Tell them that they have lost you forever as a potential
subscriber. Let these liars know that they will pay a price for their
campaign of lies and hate.

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