Joseph de Courcy, editor of the well-respected journal Intelligence
Digest reports this week: “While NATO congratulates itself on bombing the
Serbs into submission, Israel’s Mossad and other Middle Eastern intelligence
sources have discovered that Kosovo was one humiliation too many for Russia.
Now Moscow has agreed to back Saddam’s secret plan of revenge. With this
all-important Russian backing, Saddam is joining with hated Iran and Syria
to launch one final war against Israel. Amazingly, Saddam will allow Iranian
troops to cross Iraqi territory to join the attack on Israel. And to keep
America from interfering, Moscow has given Osama bin Laden and other
terrorists the means to attack American population centers with weapons of
mass destruction. The threat is real … and the implications terrifying.

These are not the rantings of some self-proclaimed geo-strategic analyst.
Joseph de Courcy is one of the most well-respected intelligence journalists
in the world.

His report is nothing short of shocking. Yet it confirms and supports the
research being done by WorldNetDaily’s J.R. Nyquist, author of “Origins
of the Fourth World War.”
I believe, based on trends obvious to anyone capable of picking up a
daily newspaper today (online or off) that there is an excellent chance
Russia and/or China may embark on a major military adventure before 2001.

Why? There is almost no chance America will be weaker militarily than it
is right now during the remainder of the Clinton administration. We’ve hit
rock bottom — deliberately, because of the conscious policies of a
president who is un-American to the core and who would sell out the memory
of his own dead mother if he thought there were an opportunity for even
momentary political gain.

Unless some equally unpatriotic, characterless leader hell-bent on
national suicide is selected to be commander in chief, the military is bound
to at least recover some ground lost during the last seven years.

Jane’s Air Defense reports next month that a mock battle between U.S.
Air Force fighters and Israeli Defense Forces aircraft resulted in a
one-sided rout. More than 200 U.S. planes were lost in the simulation while
the Israeli pilots lost about 20. The Israelis are good, but they’re not
THAT good. U.S. military standards have plummeted in the politically correct
Clinton years.

Nevertheless, while there are fewer resources for materiel, ammunition,
strategic weapons and training, there has been a tenfold increase in the
demand for deployments during this era in which the U.S. military has been
redefined as the police force of the world.

Yeah, if there were ever an opportunity to surprise the U.S. when its
defenses are down, this is it. Not since Pearl Harbor has America been less
prepared for existing threats.

The Russians and the Chinese are not stupid. They can clearly see that
they may never have a better chance than they have right now to strike a
decisive blow to the United States — a knockout punch from which we may
never recover.

Any such designs would almost certainly include an adventure into the
Middle East so that the oil fields could be secured, thus effectively
shoring up sagging industrial economies for the long term and depriving what
remains of the West from any hope of recovery.

You could argue, as some have, that China’s best chance has not yet come.
It is still emerging as a world economic and military power, they say. Its
best days are ahead, say the optimists. Maybe so, but China’s economic
development has not been nearly as dramatic as some had projected. And it is
deeply frustrated by talk of Taiwan independence and co-existence.

But Russia has little hope of competing effectively with the West. Its
economy is in shambles. Corruption is rampant. Its weapons are aging. There
is open discussion among some Russian leaders that the time is right for
taking chances, using or losing its military assets, being bold.

Do not underestimate the strength of the strategic alliance between
Moscow and Beijing. This alliance is as important as any since the
Hitler-Stalin pact — and just as dangerous.

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