I got an invitation the other day. I’m not sure I should share it
with you.

Oh, Ok, I will. It was from a national media lobby group
affectionately known as the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists
No, folks, I’m not coming out of
the closet. I’m not quite sure how I got on this mailing list. But I’ve
been on it for some time. It might be that someone at the National
Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association actually has a sense of humor.
Though I doubt that.

Anyway, each and every year since 1991, this group gathers hundreds
of news people in an effort to better promote the homosexual agenda
through the Big Media — if you can imagine that it could be any better
promoted on a daily basis.

Later this month, it seems, NBC “Today Show” co-anchor Katie Couric
will headline the 8th annual convention of the organization in Atlanta.

The theme for the 1999 convention is “Shattering Stereotypes: Equal
Writes in the Newsroom.” Convention programs will address coverage of
homosexual news. In other words, the group wants homosexuals covering
issues of special importance to homosexuals.

Now, when I first got into the news business, there was an old
expression I heard from the grizzled old veterans on the desk. The
editors would say: “I don’t care if you sleep with elephants, just don’t
cover the circus.”

It was a pretty good loose code of ethics that worked well for the
U.S. press for many years. In other words, reporters were expected to
avoid conflicts of interest — especially, but not exclusively, related
to their personal, private lives.

Welcome to the brave new world of the media in the pre-millennium
years. Today, some of the biggest names in the news media are getting
ready to fly to Atlanta to wave the lavender flag at a journalism
convention dedicated to promoting the notion that ONLY homosexuals, or
those who agree with their activist creed, are sufficiently qualified to
cover issues of concern to them.

In addition to Couric, prominent journalists, public policy
representatives, filmmakers and notables will be featured, including:

  • Richard Kaplan, president of CNN/US

  • Cynthia Tucker, editor of the Atlanta Constitution

  • Deborah Mathis, national correspondent for Gannett News Service

  • David Lee, co-creator and executive producer of the NBC television
    show “Frasier”

You know, I’m glad to see Matt Drudge isn’t a scheduled speaker. I’m
glad no other pioneer of the New Media is participating in the event.
Why? Because it shows, once again, that the only hope for a free and
independent press — one not unduly influenced by the fascist principles
of political correctness — comes from the emerging media. That’s where
the revolution is brewing.

So, go ahead, Katie Couric. Go to the National Lesbian and Gay
Journalists Association conference. Go ahead Richard Kaplan. Make my
day. Knock yourself out. Prostrate yourself before those who will lead
you down the road to destruction. That’s where the Big Media are headed
— the way of the dinosaur.

What next? Will the Big Media soon begin catering to the adultery
lobby and encourage only adulterers and those sympathetic with their
struggle for freedom to cover issues of special concern to the adultery

I tell you, more and more people are turning away from the
establishment press for precisely this reason. It is confined by a
straitjacket of political correctness. It preaches diversity, but it
practices rigidity and conformity. Get out of line and you’ll be
blacklisted and sent packing.

There are fewer and fewer voices permitted to participate in the
public dialogue. In fact, there is no dialogue. It’s more like a
monologue. The press doesn’t inform, it preaches. It doesn’t comfort the
afflicted and afflict the comfortable, as H.L. Mencken suggested. It
worships at the altar of the sacred cow. One of the sacred cows of
modern journalism is the homosexual activist — no matter how demented
or perverted is his call to action.

The inmates are indeed running the asylum. That may be what the
inmates think is in their best interest. It usually is not. And it is
most definitely not in the best interests of the press establishment to
hand over the levers of power to pressure groups like the National
Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.

Mark my words. It’s this kind of insanity that will be the undoing of
the Big Media.

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