LOS ANGELES — It was Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare.

More than 200 media revolution co-conspirators gathered in Los
Angeles over the weekend to plot the overthrow of the press
establishment and the political status quo.

They came from as far away as Maine and Hawaii. They came on a
mission — to determine if the New Media are really a viable institution
for renewing the promise of freedom in America. The reviews from
everyone were positive. We’re on to something big.

The event was WorldNetDaily.com’s first national conference, “The New
Media to America’s Rescue.” It featured Washington Times investigative
reporter Bill Gertz, author of “Betrayal: How the Clinton Administration
Undermined National Security,” Larry Klayman, chairman of Judicial
Watch, Rep. Jim Rogan, columnist J.R. Nyquist, columnist Charles Smith,
KSFO talk-show host and columnist Geoff Metcalf and K-Light talk-show
host and columnist Jane Chastain. My wife, Elizabeth, and I also made

I was thrilled with the results and the positive feedback from all
the participants. We decided that there will be many more such events in
the future — planned strategically both in key media centers around the
country and possibly in some rural markets as well.

The most beneficial and therapeutic aspect of the conference for me
was the opportunity it afforded to meet hundreds of WorldNetDaily
readers who, heretofore, had been little more than e-mail addresses or
statistics on our server. The love and the enthusiasm poured out by
these folks was overwhelming and energizing to me and all other
WorldNetDaily staffers and contributors.

Yesterday morning, upon my arrival back home, I was greeted by
hundreds of e-mail requests for a videotape presentation of the
conference. Fortunately, we did have a video crew at the event and we
will explore the possibilities of assembling a professionally edited
version of a memorable — perhaps even historic — conference. (Just
keep watching for the announcements.)

What came out of this event?

  • We found out that even the best politicians will be held
    accountable before WorldNetDaily audiences. Jim Rogan faced sometimes
    pointed questions about his votes supporting most-favored nation trading
    status for China. He also pledged to support Rep. Ron Paul’s legislation
    abolishing the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Bill Gertz told us that without the New Media — the Internet and
    Internet-driven talk radio — his book never would have made it to the
    top of the best-seller charts. He also revealed in startling detail the
    extent to which U.S. vital national security secrets have been
    compromised under the Clinton administration.

  • J.R. Nyquist provided a dark analysis of the crisis America faces in
    the world today as it stumbles through a decaying culture at home and an
    increasingly risky and unpredictable world stage.

  • Larry Klayman shared how his watchdog organization has benefited from
    its strong relationships with the New Media and his plans for a stronger
    website of his own.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking: “But what about the revolution you
promised, Farah?”

Well, my friends, I can sincerely tell you that I think the first
volley in that revolution was fired over the weekend in Los Angeles.
It’s going to take a little while to digest it all. But I can tell you
that 200-plus participants left the Universal Hilton stoked and ready
for action.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the Continental Congress didn’t bring
liberty and independence to Americans overnight. But we took a big step
in the right direction in Los Angeles.

The revolution is coming. It’s here. I’ll be able to tell you more
about the manifestations of that revolution in the next several weeks as
WorldNetDaily completes its transition from non-profit status to
for-profit status.

In the meantime, don’t take any wooden nickels from Hillary Clinton
and her fascist gate-keeping friends in the establishment media. The
times they are a-changing. New rules are being written. We’re not gonna
take your statist controls any more. The thought police and the mind
control will have to go. They can’t operate except in the dark. And,
now, thanks to the New Media and the plotting of the media revolution
co-conspirators, the whole world is watching.

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