Does anyone believe that if Americans elected the right person as president that we would really be on our way to addressing the nation’s fundamental problems?

Does anyone believe that if Americans filled Congress with the best available candidates AND elected a righteous president that the country would be out of danger from further decay?

The sad truth is that America’s most pressing problems are well beyond the scope and ability of our political class to solve.

Why is that? Well, let’s take a look at what some of those problems are:

  • the breakdown of the institutions of marriage and family;
  • the inability for many to distinguish between right and wrong;
  • the consolidation of power in Washington and in the executive branch;
  • the breakdown in the rule of law;
  • the usurpation of power by unaccountable supra-national agencies;
  • infringements on personal freedoms
  • increasing vulnerability to weapons of mass destruction;

What do these and other problems our nation is facing have in common?

While government has contributed to their creation and fueled these crises, they all have spiritual and cultural dimensions, too. They have something else in common, as well. They were not created overnight and they will not be fixed overnight. The problems we’re facing in America today — and, in fact, the problems faced by others around the world — did not occur by accident or by chance. They are actually the result of real planning, real plotting, real scheming.

Back in the early 1900s, an Italian Communist by the name of Antonio Gramsci came up with an idea for achieving the goals of socialism without firing a shot. He suggested that fellow travelers should embark on a long march through the cultural institutions — subverting, changing their missions, taking them over. He believed that if socialist ideas permeated the most influential non-political aspects of society — education, the philanthropies, the entertainment industry, the press — that political power would literally fall into the laps of those who chose such a path.

Gramsci, whose work has been translated into dozens of languages, wrote that the most important task in this long-term plan for winning the hearts and minds of the people was to attack the notion that there is a sovereign God who endows His creatures with certain inalienable rights and who establishes absolute rules about right and wrong.

Can anyone doubt that the current state of the world is very much the legacy of Gramsci and others who shared his ideas? Can anyone doubt that the culture is the Ho Chi Minh trail to political power?

But, to be honest, the world’s problems cannot be totally laid at the feet of Gramsci and his socialist disciples. There’s much more at work here — darker forces, invisible forces, sinister forces, diabolical forces. What we’re seeing in America today, is real-world evidence of the spiritual warfare described in the Bible — the unseen powers and principalities referred to by Paul in Ephesians 6:12. The world is a battleground in a universal struggle between the forces of good and the forces of evil.

For those of us who understand Paul, believe what he wrote and believe in the God whom He served, there is reason for great optimism. We know how all this is going to work out. We’ve read the end of the book.

Jesus is going to come back and straighten out this mess. For those who know Him and don’t live to see that day, they will live with Him for eternity in paradise. You can’t get a much better ending than that.

I can certainly understand why those who don’t believe are so gloomy as they look out at the deterioration of the world around them. But why are those of us who do believe so pessimistic?

We, too, are gloomy because we want to do something now. We want to right injustice. We want to protect our kids from harm. We know we have a responsibility to do something, and it’s frustrating as we watch the world fall apart around us.

I do believe conditions are going to worsen before they get better. Not all Christians agree. I think America is headed for much tougher times — perhaps as a judgment for so much sin and immorality amid such blessings.

How do we fight back in the spiritual realm? As the Bible tells us, we put on the "whole armor of God" (Ephesians 6:11, 6:13). We do that by immersing ourselves in His word. We pray unceasingly. We ask God’s blessing and mercy on us.

In other words, we wage spiritual warfare by practicing combat faith. Combat is not a 9-to-5 job. It’s not a hobby. It’s a way of life, a mindset, an attitude. To do it effectively, you have to be tough and serious about it. It requires training and discipline.

But the good news is that we have already won the war. The outcome is assured. All we must do is endure, accept our responsibilities, do our duty, be good soldiers.

Just as spiritual war requires spiritual combat, cultural war requires cultural combat.

It’s our duty then, those of us who believe in God and the freedom and responsibility He represents, to begin a process of what I call "reverse Gramsciism." It’s time to begin another long march through the cultural institutions.

It’s not a time for timidity or compromise. It’s not a time for defensiveness and conciliation. It’s time to take the offensive in this struggle.

What do I mean by that? I have a revelation for some of you who read this column. I’m not a "conservative." I’m not a conservative because I see precious little left in this world worth conserving. Conservatives will never make good cultural warriors because they are always on the defensive — trying to conserve or preserve something.

But when an apple turns rotten, there’s no sense in trying to preserve it. You just throw it out.

Was Jesus a conservative? No, he was not. He was radical. He was revolutionary. He came to Earth to overthrow the world order — and He did. For those of us who follow Him, that remains our mission today. And we better realize it.

Was George Washington a conservative? No. He was a revolutionary who practiced combat faith.

Today, those who stand for freedom, justice, the rule of law and the principles of the Bible are not part of "the establishment." We’re the rebels. By the world’s standards, we’re the renegades. We need to be proud of that and stop trying to preserve a rotten apple.

What is the rotten apple? You can see it in the government schools that dumb down American kids. You can see it in the universities that pervert the concepts of knowledge and wisdom. You can see it in the federalization and militarization of law enforcement. You can see it in the proliferation of non-constitutional government. You can see it in the real "trickle-down economics" of confiscatory taxes. You can see it in the unaccountable authorities which give us global treaties. You can see it in the relentless attacks on marriage and the family. You can see it in euthanasia, population control and the phony "right" to abortion on demand. You can see it in the surrender of our national security.

It’s all got to go. But how? Politics as usual will never get us there.

The cultural institutions have paved the road to this destruction of true freedom. We must make a U-turn on that road and take those institutions back. Electing the best politicians will never be enough. To turn this country around, freedom-loving revolutionaries must reclaim Hollywood, the foundations, the schools, academia and, of course, the press.

The reason we must take back the press and all the other cultural institutions that have betrayed the American Dream is because they play such a big role in educating — or miseducating — the public.

The Founding Fathers knew that even the best designed government wouldn’t work if the people were not righteous, moral and God-fearing — if they didn’t love liberty and cherish it.

To practice self-government again, we must have a people capable of self-government. Today, our population has been dumbed-down by government schools, television, movies and the sad state of the press establishment that we are getting the kind of government we deserve. We’re moving toward tyranny.

I believe God has opened the door to us — given us a chance to do our duty — with the advent of the New Media. We have the opportunity to create new institutions that can challenge CNN, AP, Fox, Viacom, Disney, Universal — perhaps even the government schools and the factories of "higher education" that serve only the status quo.

The battlefield of ideas is being leveled.

But only when we create some serious competition within those powerful cultural institutions and begin taking them back with this potent new weapon of mass liberation, then and only then, will it really matter which of the major presidential candidates gets elected and which party controls Congress. Only then are we as nation likely to make the political choices that will make a difference. Only then will we be capable — and worthy — of self-government again.

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