It’s taken nearly seven years, but it looks as though — finally —
rank and file cops are ready to publicly call Clinton the hypocrite he
is regarding law enforcement and gun control.

According to an article in Capitol
Hill Blue Sept. 8, the Law Enforcement Alliance of America is preparing to launch an ad campaign
(today) decrying Clinton’s hypocrisy and informing Americans that, among
other things, Clinton’s “Justice” Department has had a 46 percent drop
in prosecutions since Attorney General Janet Reno took over.

Specifically, the LEAA’s campaign will oppose “the president,
congressional Democrats and other gun control advocates.” Jim Fortiss,
executive director of the 65,000-member strong LEAA, said that Clinton
“almost on a daily basis, exploits the rank-and-file of the law
enforcement community to further his anti-gun agenda, yet his own
administration has a reprehensible record of prosecuting criminals who
violate the laws already on the books.”

“It is an insult to the injured and maimed police officers and all in
law enforcement who risk their lives on a daily basis to even consider
more gun legislation, not to mention releasing convicted terrorists for
politically motivated reasons,” he added.

Amen. How many times have we heard this? And yet — to hear
Clinton, Democrats and the mainstream media tell it — all cops
hate guns and those who own them. That’s just garbage.

In fact, study after study has shown that some 90 percent of police
officers regularly say they support gun rights and the right to
carry a concealed weapon. They say that because they — and not the
anointed gun socialists — know that such constitutional principles are
key deterrents to crime. Outside of posting a cop on every street
corner — which is Clinton’s wet dream and the wet dream of every
socialist authoritarian — guns in the hands of America’s law abiding
stop more crime than anything else.

But you cannot convince the gun Nazis that this is either true or a
sound idea. No, they’d rather continue to have their loved ones gunned
down by real criminals who know that neither they nor their
neighbors are armed and can do nothing to stop them. They’d rather
continue to be too scared to walk down their own streets while pointing
fingers at law abiding gun owners and comparing them to some distant,
knuckle-dragging relative of the human race.

What cowardly stupidity. It is these gun Nazis — and not law
abiding gun owners — who are most responsible for hundreds of violent
crime deaths a year. It is they who insist on an unarmed and undefended
population. It is they who revel in perpetual “victim” status, not
pro-rights Americans who long ago realized that guns — not laws and not
politicians — help keep American society safe. The most recent crime
figures bear this out.

The LEAA hopes to convince millions of Americans that most beat cops
are neither afraid of the Second Amendment nor of the right of anyone to
use it. They already know what the socialist Clinton and his Democrat
and Republican cohorts don’t care to admit: Cops, too, are safer with
more guns on the street.

Stressing our differences

Tuesday night ABC aired a one-hour special highlighting the
“important impact” Latino music is having on American culture. I didn’t
care to watch that so I began cable channel flipping and simultaneously
conducting a little experiment.

As I flipped the TV channels, I noticed there were cable channels
specifically catering to blacks and Hispanics, as well as Asians and
women. There were no cable channels specifically for white Americans
and, even more specifically, white American males.

Nothing but more political correctness, I thought. But really, it’s
much more than that. It seems like a conscious effort to fractionalize
— to “balkanize” — this country because each time a popular media
outlet emphasizes the differences between us Americans instead of our
similarities, it drives a wedge further between us. And someday, I
fear, the recognition gap will be so wide there will be no breaching
it. By then, we’ll all simply be different people living
in the same country, instead of all of us being Americans.

I hate the notion of a “hyphenated” American: An
African-American, a Hispanic-American, an
Asian-American, or a European-American. There are no such
things; these titles were all created out of whole cloth by socialists
who know that the only way to control a population is to divide and
conquer it. To the people who believe this, I say, “Do you remember the
‘ethnic Albanian’ label we gave to former Yugoslavians?” Is any of this
sinking in?

As long as those who control the direction our culture travels insist
upon dividing us instead of highlighting our similarities as Americans
— language, U.S. customs, principles and American culture —
there will never be unity.

And if that happens, you might as well plan on your children’s
children having to live in squalor and misery while they fight for their
own survival because this country, someday, will self-destruct once all
the common bonds have been destroyed. It’s inevitable. And that ought
to anger all of us — no matter what our “ethnic” background — enough
to want to do something to stop it.

We can start by telling these PC antagonists to stuff their notions
of “popular” culture.

Freeing terrorists

No matter what the reason for President Clinton’s granting of
clemency to 11 FALN members — political expediency, because he cares,
or whatever — the result will be the same. Once they walk out of
prison, their ties to over 130 bombings in U.S. cities and possessions
will mean nothing, and a group of avowed terrorists will go free.

That is the real problem I have with Clinton’s clemency deal
to former Puerto Rican nationalists — several known terrorists
connected to bona fide terror bombings are walking out of jail because
we have a president who doesn’t give a rat’s behind what the American
people think about anything.

And are we going to be safer for it? Oh, sure we are —
that’s because Clinton made these committed nationalists sign a
pledging not to be bad anymore. That is, 11 of them signed
the paper; four others who were convicted at the same time as the others
are still so committed to Puerto Rican nationhood that they wouldn’t
even sign the clemency agreement.

How’s that for “rehabilitation?”

And what happens if these Puerto Rican punks go and bomb U.S.
buildings? Does anyone seriously think the conscience-less
Clinton will be held liable?

Maybe the Republicans will “conduct an investigation” and we’ll all
be able to rest easier knowing they “got to the bottom of this.”

The signal Clinton is sending to the rest of the world — that the
U.S. is morally weak, leadership poor and vulnerable — will invite, not
deter, future attacks on our soil. I don’t guess he’ll be held liable
for that, either.

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