What happened earlier this year at Columbine High School in
Littleton, Colo. — when two student gunmen who were part of a group
known as the “Trenchcoat Mafia” killed some 15 of their classmates —
indeed was a tragedy. What has happened since, in relation to the
continuing media coverage
, is

According to a Reuters report this past weekend, the father of the
only black student killed in the attack is planning a lawsuit against
both parents of the shooters, as well as the two young adults who
supplied the weaponry. Whatever — I think that’s a misguided effort,
but to each his own.

What is worse, however, is what Reuters is trying to make out of

The black teen’s father, Michael Shoels, told Reuters that there is
“still a great deal of hate” in Columbine. That may be true enough, but
Reuters didn’t stop there. No, they chose to select Shoels’ attendance
at an anti-hate rally in Detroit and the fact that his child was the
only black kid killed as the subconscious theme for the story.

A casual observer, after reading this propaganda, would think that it
is a story about racial hate, even though Mr. Shoels apparently
never mentioned that aspect. His concern is over what he perceives as a
generalized feeling of “hatred” that continues in Littleton, not that
it’s racially motivated.

Can you imagine the kind of arrogance it takes to cast the whole
Columbine incident — with all its separate components — as only
about racism? One black teen was targeted among 14 other children, so I
don’t see the connection. Reuters ought to be ashamed of itself.

This is precisely the kind of hubris that not only saps the
credibility from the mainstream media but also covertly teaches others
— mostly our kids — to perceive more racial hatred, mistrust, and
divisiveness where none exists.

I weep not only for Mr. Shoels’ son, but for all the parents
who either had children killed or wounded at Columbine, or had children
in attendance at the school the day the shootings occurred. I also weep
for the abject loss of objectivity in the whoremongering mainstream

To take a bona fide tragedy like Columbine and try to remake it into
something it was not — “just another example of racism” — is
representative of the mistrust the mainstream media continues to earn

‘Donorgate’ happened — now what?

Last week the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s own inspector
general ruled that indeed some 53
PBS broadcasters were involved in illegal fundraising activities, mostly
on behalf of the Democratic National Committee.

In fact, according to the report, the “practice of swapping member
and donor lists with political organizations was more widespread at
public television and radio stations than first thought.” Gee — nobody
could see that one coming, could they?

But after finding that all of these stations, which represent nearly
10 percent of all PBS broadcasters, the report also found that none of
these stations “rented or swapped information with the intent of helping
a political organization.”

Say what?

Just how is it that these stations could not have known they
were “helping a political organization?” What kind of moron would
conclude that?

There is no other reason for swapping these donor lists with
the DNC unless it was for the purpose of “helping a political
organization.” What does the CPB inspector general think the Democrats
were doing with these names — asking for their prayers?

Oh, brother. The IG finds that indeed these swaps were made, but
nobody benefited from them. Sure — and I’m the pope.

The Republicans, who always knew PBS stations were nothing but
propaganda devices for democratic socialists in power, have done little
more than “renew their call” to defund the CPB. If they’re serious
about winning back some of the confidence many conservatives have lost
in the party, they’ll do more than just that.

They could fulfill their obligations to curb the size of the federal
government and reduce the federal budget by passing a bill to
eliminate all funding for CPB — and soon. Clinton won’t
sign it and it likely won’t survive an override vote, but it’s an effort
that needs to be made, especially during the upcoming campaign season.

Who am I kidding? That’s not going to happen. But that’s all the
more reason for a capable third party candidate to pick up this
“Donorgate” ball and run with it. Americans need to know that even in an
organization that is supposed to be as benign as public broadcasting,
there is abundant corruption.

Chicanery is just a way of life anymore for the “professional” party
politicians. They are just beyond help or “reform.” “Donorgate” — and
the lack of punishment meted out for it — is just another reason
to force most of Washington’s anointed elite to make a career change
after November 2000.

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