In case you didn’t know it, there is one man who probably knows more
about the TWA Flight 800 disaster, which occurred on July 17, 1996, than
any other — save for a few cowardly government officials who are too
scared, too selfish, or too corrupt to talk.

His name is William Donaldson, a former navy pilot, aircraft carrier
flight controller, crash investigator, and nuclear weapons ordnance
officer. In short, Cdr. Donaldson has “been there and done that” when
it comes to aviation.

Sometime ago, Cdr. Donaldson held a press conference to reveal his
newest findings in the 800 case. Not many from the press or from the
anointed Ivory Tower on Capitol Hill bothered to show up. What a shame;
it’s possible Cdr. Donaldson’s investigation may turn out to be what
Waco is turning out to be — a series of revelations about government
abuse, corruption and cover-up. Had any of the anointed few bothered to
show up at Donaldson’s press conference, perhaps they would not be
blindsided now by the facts he has uncovered thus far.

For instance, if anyone in Congress was interested in what really
happened to TWA Flight 800, they would already know that Donaldson has
convincing evidence that the flight was shot down by a shoulder-fired
Stinger missile fired by Islamic terrorists in response to the Clinton
administration’s approval of sanctions against Iran and Libya for their
continued terrorist sponsorship. Congressmen would know that the
government — and particularly the White House — knew some three
or four Stingers had made it into the U.S. via Afghanistan several
months prior to the shootdown because they admitted as much in a 1996
London Times article. And they’d know that hundreds of eyewitnesses
saw the missile streak toward the beleaguered plane moments after
it was fired from a small boat — a boat that showed up on newly
released radar images of the area off New York that fateful night.

Regarding witnesses — if Congress had been showing an interest in
this case — Capitol Hill (and the American people as a whole) would
already know that the prime witness was a guy in a USAir flight
directly above — about 100 feet — Flight 800 when it blew up.
They would know that this witness saw the missile being launched, then
guided, toward the huge airliner. And they’d know that neither the
National Traffic Safety Board nor the FBI was ever really
interested in his testimony.

Lawmakers would know that right after the sanctions bill was signed
against them, Iran called a conference and brought in Mideastern
terrorists from nine countries, with the motive of planning attacks
against U.S. targets. They’d know that one of the attacks from that
conference was the bombing of the U.S. Air Force barracks in Saudi
Arabia, as Iran’s way of trying to replicate the 1983 Beirut bombing
that forced President Reagan to remove U.S. troops from Lebanon.

Cdr. Donaldson claims to have some 140 eyewitnesses to the attack who
were in some 60 different locations. But nobody — even the vaunted
Republican “opposition” — seems interested in hearing this story.

Congress needs to put two-and-two together. The same administration,
the same Justice Department and the same FBI that brought them the
embarrassment of Waco was also in charge during the so-called TWA Flight
800 “investigation.” Why is any lawmaker (or American for that matter)
expected to believe these professional liars when the subject changes to
TWA Flight 800? Because officials are “above” lying about that?
Sure, and I’m Orville Wright.

I’ve heard many variations of the story blaming the U.S. Navy for the
shootdown, but I don’t buy them. There is no way to keep hundreds of
sailors and naval officers quiet. Besides, three months before the 1996
attack, I had a source tell me that “an airliner is going to be
shot down over the U.S.” The source also told me who was going to do the
shooting (Mideast terrorists).

And, according to Cdr. Donaldson, a number of U.S. warships and
support aircraft were in the vicinity of TWA 800’s flight path that
night precisely because U.S. intelligence sources expected
something to happen. They were warned and, as it turns out, something
did happen. In fact, the White House, he says, was completely
aghast and in a panic when they heard the news. You see, they thought
the attack would involve an airliner flying into Atlanta for the Olympic
Games, for maximum effect.

But instead, the cowards on the Hill and the butchers in the White
House would prefer to let TWA, Boeing, and the families who lost loved
ones take the heat.

If Congress really wants to know what happened over the skies
near New York that night, they sure as hell don’t need to let the FBI
reopen this investigation. In fact, lawmakers ought to keep it as far
away from the Clinton Justice Department as possible.

If they really want to know, they should invite — and then
listen to — Cdr. Donaldson. Then, in the words of Sen. Robert
Torricelli — who spoke about Waco this past weekend — we can all “let
the chips fall where they may.”

Waco’s missing evidence

And speaking of government corruption, anybody seen where all the
“missing” Waco evidence has gone? Now we hear that the Justice
Department, ever in the “CYA” mode, was so convinced the military played
an improper role in assaulting the Davidian community that federal
lawyers couldn’t even tell Congress. So they left out the last

— containing damning references to military action — when they
submitted their report to Capitol Hill so many years ago.

Oh, man. Somebody wake me up from this nightmare.

OK — so Americans have come to expect that agencies like the CIA and
the FBI lie to us on a regular basis. Even though this Waco ordeal goes
way beyond even customary chicanery, surely there aren’t two
members of Congress who take these criminals at their word, are there?
I mean, there can’t be — after all, the FBI is the agency that
let the Clinton administration steal 900 Republican files. And this is
the same Justice Department that has either denied it happened or
tacitly admitted it happened but it was “no big deal.”

Surely there aren’t two members of Congress who believe
anything this administration, or its bureaucratic minions, tell

So why did they? Or did they not believe the
administration because they knew the awful truth about Waco all along
but preferred to go along to get along — you know, to keep their own
files “secret?”

If the latter is the case, that is cowardice to the “nth” degree.

God admonishes Christians who “know the truth” to shout it from the
treetops — to never remain silent — because silence is a sin equal to
the commission of another’s sinful act. As many so-called “Bible
thumpers” as there profess to be in “born-again” D.C., I would think
that those who know would be more brave. But that is obviously
expecting too much, especially these days.

In regards to the “missing” last page of the Justice Department’s
original Waco report, the excuse given was that it “may have contained
classified military information.” What kind of BS is that? There
shouldn’t even have been any domestic military involvement at
Waco to begin with. It’s against the law — unless that military genius
Bill Clinton provided a presidential waiver.

Besides — even if Americans cannot know all of the nation’s
genuine military secrets — isn’t the federal government’s
bureaucracy duty-bound to provide that information to Congress
anyway? After all it is Congress that supposedly funds these agencies,
using our tax dollars.

Then again, only guilty SOBs have something to hide. Only those too
ashamed of their actions and too scared to own up to them hide things
they are supposed to report.

The air is beginning to smell a lot like a massive hog lot inside the
Washington Beltway. That is, if it ever did smell clean.

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