U.S. Navy Lt. Jack Daly was passed over for promotion after exposing the
Clinton administration cover-up of an incident in 1997, when a laser was
fired at him as he flew over a Russian ship on a navy mission.

The incident, which damaged his eyesight and left him with constant eye pain
and fear of eventual blindness, occurred in April. But the truth did not
emerge until more than a month later, on May 14, when Washington Times
reporter Bill Gertz broke it in a story based on a leaked top-secret Joint
Staff report.

Gertz writes about the Daly cover-up in his Internet-fueled best-seller,
“Betrayal: How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Security.” The
book recounts how a military analyst, Cmdr. Joseph Hoeing, confided in Daly
shortly after the incident: “You do not know the pressure I am under to
sweep this under the rug.”

The formal Pentagon report issued to the public on the incident concluded:
“The Department believes that the eye injury suffered by the American naval
officer is consistent with injuries that would result from exposure to a
repetitive pulsed laser. Available evidence does not indicate, however, what
the source of such an exposure might have been. Specifically, there is no
physical evidence tying the eye injury of the American officer to a laser
located on the Russian merchant vessel.”

Since 1997, not only has Daly been passed over for promotion, but worse,
writes Gertz, “it was suggested that he undergo psychiatric evaluation — a
tactic used against whistleblowers who make waves.” In reality, as Daly
testified to the House Armed Services subcommittee, he was, rather, the
victim “of what could be argued was a hostile act in an undeclared war, an
act of terrorism, and at a minimum, a federal crime.”

Daly told Gertz he is convinced the laser investigation was deliberately
“bungled,” to avoid any confrontation with Russia: “Bill Clinton has said he
doesn’t want to be the guy who blew the opportunity for everlasting peace
with Russia. … In fulfilling my duty as a naval intelligence officer I was
betrayed and sacrificed so that our continuing relations with Russia would
not be jeopardized, despite their continued illegal activities in our waters
and on our soil.”

Meanwhile, Daly said, Russian spying continues and the dangerous message
sent to the Russians is: “You can get away with an intentional hostile act
within U.S. borders and not only will your crime go unpunished, your illegal
acts will be denied and your getaway assisted by the U.S. government.”

The Daly scandal was exposed, however — with the help of the New Media. In
fact, it’s just one of dozens of major international scoops by the New Media
in recent years. How can this kind of reporting change America for the
better? That’s the topic of WorldNetDaily’s first-ever conference to be held
Sept. 17-19 in Los Angeles. Titled, “The New Media to America’s Rescue,” the
conference will bring together such New Media stars as Gertz, Larry Klayman,
chairman of Judicial Watch; Joseph
Farah, WorldNetDaily founder and editor; Rep. James Rogan, the young folk
hero of the House impeachment proceedings; J.R. Nyquist, the WorldNetDaily
columnist who has captivated Internet readers and talk-radio listeners alike
with his analysis of the world crisis and radio talk-show hosts, and
WorldNetDaily columnists Geoff Metcalf and Jane Chastain.

courtesy of Starcast.net.)

“This will be the shot heard ’round the world in 1999,” said Farah.
“Somebody said the Internet is the musket of the 21st century. I say it is
the Stinger missile. And this conference could be the Continental Congress
of the future. It will be participatory. It will be interactive. It will be
a chance to talk about how we can affect real change as our country faces
seemingly insurmountable hurdles.”

The conference will kick off Friday night, Sept. 17, with a VIP cocktail
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which Bill Gertz will be presented with an award for excellence in
investigative journalism. On Sunday, Sept. 19, the conference will close
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other speakers. To make participation possible for the greatest number of
people, WorldNetDaily is offering three levels of attendance:

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For those who want to commute each day, parking at $10 a day is available in
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The Universal Hilton is a renowned luxury hotel almost unique in being
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To register for the conference, visit the WorldNetDaily storefront or call
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