This hasn’t been a good year for those of us who believe in truth,
justice and equality. First, the spineless Senate let Bill Clinton off
the hook for lying to the American people. Last week, Janet Reno told us
that she lied about the inferno in Waco for six and a half years. Now,
Henry Cisneros gets off scot-free while his mistress rots in federal

When the Senate was debating Bill Clinton’s impeachment, Democrats
argued that any man would lie about cheating on his wife. However, Bill
didn’t just cheat on his wife. Bill’s crime was lying to the American
people, to a federal court, to Congress and to the world. Bill’s crime
was soiling the People’s House and declaring war on America’s values.

In the past, Bill’s crimes would have been justification to run him
out of town on a rail. However, after six and a half years of his
“leadership,” the rules have changed.

Now, the words “I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth, so help me God” no longer apply to senior
government officials. How else can we explain why Janet Reno is still
our attorney general? How else can we explain why Henry Cisneros is
fined $10,025 for lying to the FBI, to the U.S. Senate and to the world
for four years?

In the Liar’s Club of the Clinton administration, no one is
responsible for anything. When they get caught with their pants down, no
one is punished for violating their oath of office. Oh my friends, the
stench from Clinton’s Washington is overwhelming.

Janet “the buck doesn’t stop with me” Reno says that she didn’t do
anything wrong because she didn’t know what was happening in Waco.
Excuse me, Miss Reno. You are the boss. You are the top cop. We are
paying you to know what your troops were doing. If you didn’t, you
should quit right now because you are incompetent!

Sadly, Bill Clinton has become a role model for a whole generation.
Bill’s presidency is a reflection of Bill’s values. So it should be no
surprise to anyone that a man who thought that having oral sex with a
woman half his age was OK while his wife was down the hall and his
daughter was upstairs has made such a mess of our government.

Bill has worked tirelessly to create an executive branch of our
government in his image. What he has created is a Pantheon of Liars.
Bill Clinton has surrounded himself with “birds of a feather.”

If you doubt me, just look at what Henry Cisneros told the federal
judge this week when asked why he lied:

    “For one thing, I wasn’t sure about the numbers personally. I had
    never calculated them up. But beyond that, I was trying to protect (my
    mistress), who didn’t want the information out, and my own wife, who
    didn’t know precisely what the number was. And in the final analysis
    I’ve attributed it to the pressure and confused sort of fog of the
    moment where I gave an incorrect number.”

Would you accept that type of drivel from your child? The
“independent” counsel did. The federal judge did.

Henry Cisneros lied for four years. He had plenty of time to check
the numbers. Do you really believe that he didn’t know that he was
paying his mistress $250,000 and not the $2,500 a month he told the FBI?
How about the money he paid his mistress to obstruct the FBI
investigation. Oh no, this man knew exactly what he was doing, and he
got away with it.

I guarantee you that children all over America are learning that it
pays to lie. That is the sad, horrible legacy of Henry, Janet and Bill.
Crime pays.

My friends, a plague of biblical proportions has infected America’s
government. Bill, Janet and Henry are turning politicians into a
privileged class of royalty in America. According to Bill and Co., if
you run for public office and are elected, you can lie, cheat and who
knows what and get away with it. If you doubt me, look at the evidence.

Roy Romer, the former Governor of Colorado, had a decades-long affair
with one of his assistants, lied about it, and was rewarded with the
Chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. Henry Cisneros lied
to the FBI about his bribes to his former mistress so he could get a
cabinet appointment. When they exposed his lie, he resigned and was
rewarded with a six-figure job by Univision and more than a million
dollars in stock.

Bill Clinton lied to the world. What was his reward? A political
“friend” guaranteed a $1,300,000 loan so that Bill could buy a house in
New York State. Excuse me, America, Bill is still the president until
January 2001. Isn’t anyone offended by the $1,300,000 bribe this sitting
president has just accepted?

We have our work cut out for us because the Clinton legacy will
pollute America’s moral fabric for generations to come. The only way we
can cleanse the stench is to remove the rot at its core.

Many of you have asked me what can we do. It is simple. We must
defeat every elected official on any level who has supported the crimes
of the Clinton administration, whether they are Democrat or Republican.

The only thing that most politicians understand is power. The only
thing that most politicians treasure is holding onto power. Let’s hurt
them where they can feel it.

Let’s throw the bums out in 2000.

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