I’m glad the con artists at the United Nations are finally holding a
gun to America’s head and demanding money — $550 million now, much more

Maybe this will provide the wake-up call this country needs to do
what should have been done a long time ago — pull out of the United
Nations, once and for all, lock, stock and barrel.

In case you missed it, this week a senior U.N. official, Joseph
Connor, an undersecretary for management, threatened to revoke
Washington’s vote in the General Assembly if it didn’t cough up the
funds by the end of this year.

Scaaaary, huh?

Unfortunately, the dopes in Congress have already approved a payment
of $200 million. They squabble only about side issues such as whether
restrictions imposed on the funds can keep the money out of the hands of
population managers who never met an abortion they didn’t like. Forget
that. Just don’t give the U.N. any money. The details will take care of

And, even if you’re one of those nabobs who believe the U.S. should
remain in the busybody globalist organization, there’s good reason for
not paying the U.N.

You see, we simply don’t owe the U.N. any money. They are sending us
an illegitimate invoice. In fact, you can easily make the case that the
U.S. should be billing the U.N. for services rendered.

Over the past five or six years, the U.S. has provided about $15
billion in military and other assistance to the U.N. The U.S. has not
been properly credited. Most of these funds have been diverted from
taxpayer money earmarked for federal agencies — mostly the Defense
Department. In other words, a lot of money has been flowing from
Washington to the U.N. without any approval by Congress. Not only is
this a major accounting problem, it is a grave constitutional problem.

Congressional opponents of this shakedown by the U.N. need to make
their case more effectively. Say it plain, say it simple: We don’t owe
the money and we’re not going to pay it — not now, not ever. Forget
attaching strings to the funds. Such tricks implicitly acknowledge that
the debt is real. It is not.

But an even better solution to this stick-up by the U.N. is to use it
as an opportunity to point out the obvious: We don’t need the U.N. It’s
time to start the real debate: When do we get out?

At a time when more and more Americans are recognizing that most of
the activities of the federal government in Washington are
unconstitutional, illegitimate, unneeded, counterproductive, they can
surely see that a global bureaucracy — wholly unaccountable to those
who feed it — is not only unwarranted, it is criminal, it is
contemptible, it is unacceptable.

The U.N. is throwing guilt at Americans, suggesting that its budget
shortfall is affecting “peacekeeping operations.” All the more reason, I
say, for withholding money from these tyrants in diplomats’ clothing.
U.N. peacekeeping operations have not succeeded anywhere they have been
launched. And, more importantly, no one — no country, no person, no
entity — has the right to make war or enforce peace without the consent
of those paying for it with their tax dollars and their lives. The U.N.
does not allow for such simple checks and balances.

There’s a good reason it is such a totalitarian-style organization.
It was created by Communists and socialists — people like Alger Hiss
during the Roosevelt administration. Only its own incompetence has
prevented the U.N. from becoming the centerpiece of a truly oppressive
world government with its foot on the neck of every freedom-loving
person on the planet. Thank God it’s run by blunderers.

I like what Secretary-General Kofi Annan told his U.N. budget
committee about the supposed debt: “We cannot rationally manage the
United Nations.”

No kidding, Kofi. You never could and you never will — because there
is nothing rational about the United Nations. It is the antithesis of
the kind of republican accountability upon which the American system of
government was devised. It is an affront to the sovereignty of nations
and individuals. And, if it ever rose above petty corruption,
mismanagement and hot air, it would represent a grave threat to freedom
in every corner of the world.

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