Last week WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah keenly and completely
identified the true political machinations of the modern political
elite. Fascism,
he says, is the problem here, though I would contend that some of our
“elite” — Ted Turner of CNN, for example — defer to other political
leanings like socialism.

The leftist/fascists would most certainly deny this — they love to
paint the far right as fascists in the image of Hitler, Mussolini and
others. They’re wrong — as usual — but that’s not relevant anymore.
Millions of Americans know that millions of other Americans hate them,
don’t trust them, revile them, demonize them and chastise them because
of what the political left has portrayed them as.

In essence, the left’s ultimate goal of “divide and conquer” has been
completely successful, in my view, and I wonder now if America’s right
and left have reached the point where our differences are
irreconcilable. I say “the right” and “the left” because “the middle”
— ostensibly those Americans who really don’t have an opinion about
anything — are immaterial and will follow success wherever it leads
them. At this point, most in that group take their cue from the left
because that group has so completely taken over government, media and

All kinds of generalized instances of our irreconcilable differences
abound today, but here are some of the most divisive issues and why I
believe they are incompatible with the survival of this nation as a
distinct world power:

  • Tobacco — There is no doubt that cigarettes, chewing
    tobacco and cigars are unhealthy, but there is also no doubt that they
    are legal products. There is, however, a doubt that much vaunted
    and so-called “second hand smoke” is unhealthy — at least to the point
    the left politicizes, according to a 1998 study done by a mechanism of
    the left, the World Health Organization. But these latter truths are
    ignored — intentionally — in order to foster legitimacy for the left’s
    attempt to demonize this product out of pure, raw greed. It’s not
    enough for the left to be satisfied with “sin taxing” tobacco double and
    triple what other products are taxed — they feel justified in extorting
    the tobacco companies out of billions of dollars to pay for government
    “health care” they themselves established, and that taxpayers
    already subsidize with other taxes. Hypocritically, though, they
    refuse to hold other products to the same standards — automobiles,
    alcohol, backyard pools — because they know the popularity of these
    other products outweighs their ability to demonize them. The right
    says, essentially, “smoke if you want to, but don’t hold companies
    making legal products responsible if you do.”

  • Guns — Much in the same way the tobacco industry has been
    demonized, the left has had modest success in transforming a citizen’s
    right to be armed into an act fraught with criminal intent and practiced
    only by “militia nuts and crazies.” Yet they support, endorse and
    practice a form of “assault” — at least on the truth — when it comes
    to the First Amendment, even going so far as to suggest children in
    school have every right to “speak” freely, even disruptively. Since the
    tobacco lie worked so well, the left now seeks to “punish” the gun
    industry, not because it manufactures an inherently deadly product, but
    because that product — which can be used in a deadly manner — is
    misused by a few idiots. At the same time, the left’s “rule of law”
    philosophy isn’t being practiced, as the 45 percent drop in FBI’s gun
    prosecution caseload since Clinton came into office demonstrates. The
    right, on the other hand, correctly interprets the Second Amendment as
    not pertaining merely to “duck hunting” and avidly defends this right as
    a right against the very tyranny being imposed by the left. Furthermore,
    the right also correctly interprets the Second Amendment as every bit
    worth protecting as the First Amendment — and all others enumerated in
    the Constitution.

  • Education — As demonstrated here, explained
    and advocated here, there
    are already deep and irreconcilable differences between the left’s
    complete adoption of control over public education and the right’s
    full-blown rebellion of those so-called “standards.” The left has used
    the government public education system as a tool to maintain power and
    control while the right — fed up with trying to “reform” a lost cause
    — has opted out. The right believes an educated people are a free
    people; the elite on the left assumes that everyone who isn’t one of
    them is either too stupid to become “as educated as they are,” or not
    worthy of being offered the opportunity. Colleges and universities, so
    completely conquered by leftist professorial elitists and the agenda of
    fascism, become hostile to forces that attempt to refocus higher
    learning on higher learning, rather than the forwarding of a
    political agenda. While reserving portions of the freedoms enumerated
    in the Constitution for themselves, the left routinely denies these same
    freedoms to ideological opposites, then justifies their action with the
    excuse that they’re “only trying to do what is right” — though “right”
    is defined only by their standards.

  • Law enforcement — Despite liberal and fascist attempts to
    justify a huge leviathan federal government with unlimited powers to
    make laws and enforce them, the framers of the Constitution — as
    evidenced in the document itself — feared a powerful central
    government. Therefore, in order to limit federal control over the
    people, the framers elected to form a weak central government with the
    idea that sovereign states, in the formation of a loose confederate
    alliance to Washington, would largely handle their own affairs in
    matters of making laws and enforcing them. But over the years, as more
    fascists became power elites, it became clear that the federal
    government was being groomed to become the sole power in the
    nation that decided when, where, and to what extent laws would be made
    and enforced for all to follow. Bureaucracies grew like weeds — each
    endorsed and empowered by successive congresses — to issue rules,
    proclamations, regulations and “guidelines” that, as soon as the ink
    dried, became akin to real laws, supported and enforced as such by the
    vast federal judiciary. The left believes there is no real law
    enforcement power
    beyond Washington, D.C., and that — in the name
    of “public safety” — any mechanism of force can be
    applied to all areas of the country, just because the left has deemed it
    so. State leaders have become cooperative by becoming addicted to the
    federal government’s money, which is summarily threatened to be withheld
    if an “errant” or “ill-advised” governor or state legislature dares to
    question the legitimacy of the federal government’s law enforcement
    reach. The right, however, believes in the founding principle of a
    small and relatively weak central government, gaining superior judicial
    status over the states only in times of war or invasion, or to enforce
    specifically enumerated and legitimate interpretations of the

  • Religion — To the anointed left, there is no “god” or
    “power” higher than they are. Fascist leftists have always been a power
    unto themselves — the modern-day Babylonian heathens defy God’s Word
    and Commandments as if they had been created to be ignored. Whether a
    prominent politician refers to Christians as “weak-minded” souls in
    search of a crutch, or whether the fascists in government move to remove
    all vestiges of religion from our society — under the mistaken guise of
    “separation of Church and state” — the right will have none of it. The
    right, of course, understands that our souls are on lease from God, and
    that ultimately we’ll have to answer to Him — believers or not — when
    “our time” comes.

  • Abortion — Perhaps the coup de grace of the left,
    these fascists have been able to convince millions of otherwise
    well-intentioned and caring Americans that the right to kill an unborn
    baby is not murder because, after all, it’s not really a “baby”
    until a mother says so. Furthermore, the left asserts, women ought to
    have “the right” to terminate a pregnancy, all the while asserting that
    promiscuous men and women do not have to engage in the responsibility of
    sex. The left has created many “constitutional rights” where none have
    existed, enforced them under the guise of “law,” and propagandized the
    new “right” as something “hidden” in the Constitution all along — but
    which took their “trained” and anointed minds to discover. It is easy
    for any group to claim “the Founders really meant this or that”
    in the Constitution when no Founder is alive to contest the assumption.
    But the right knows what the Founders meant when they wrote that
    document because the right has read their meanings, in their own words.
    The left, in the creation of an abortion “right,” knew it was not
    founded in constitutional law and had to create an argument based on the
    path of least resistance. They knew, for example, that many people
    would support the right to have “cost-free” sex and would then accept
    their definition of “a woman’s constitutional right to choose,” because
    after all, women — like men — are “created equal.” They also knew
    that most Americans are constitutionally ignorant and have been
    conditioned to accept “the government’s” rulings, regardless of how
    offensive they are to common sense and other established laws (like the
    one prohibiting murder in all other forms except execution for a
    crime). But the right has seen through this constitutional
    interpretation for the abomination it truly is, making abortion one of
    the most volatile “no compromise” issues of our day.

Whether small groups of people are flirting with rebellion
in small ways, or whether large groups of people are moving away
from the cultural, intellectual, spiritual and governmental decay of the
left, the fact remains that it is happening more often.

Because of the fascist left’s overwhelming success at demonizing the
right, it has become increasingly difficult — if not impossible — to
resolve our differences. The left hates everything the right stands
for, and the right has become so mistrustful of the left’s intentions
that a meaningful dialogue leading to conflict resolution is

But it has not been the right that has remained unreasonable
throughout the debates over the issues. It is the left that refuses to
negotiate, to see the truths, to reach compromises and resolutions to
the nation’s problems that don’t result in eventual total victory. So
pervasive are their arguments that it has caused today’s “conservative,”
right-oriented leaders to acquiesce to the left
in an attempt to “be more electable.” That selling out of principle has
only served to further alienate both sides, as the left sees each
episode as leading to their inevitable victory, and the right becomes
more frustrated and isolated.

With such obvious and irreparable divisions, it may be time to “agree
to disagree” and part company altogether.
There is a place where the right can go, and as it happens,
the weather’s much better there anyway.

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