If you’ve ever wondered why NAFTA and GATT were so well received by
many U.S. corporations and businesses, you need only look to the fascist
left for your answer.

For decades American companies put up with increasingly draconian —
and costly — “measures,” “regulations,” and “directives” from the vast
and ever-growing collection of federal bureaucracies, not because they
wanted to but because they simply didn’t have a choice. Before NAFTA
and GATT, there was no place else for an American company to go to
produce their goods at an affordable, profit-making rate.

But after NAFTA and GATT were passed, Ross Perot’s “giant sucking
sound” was fully realized. Businesses and corporations by the dozens
began pulling up stakes in the U.S. and relocating their factories
overseas in countries that didn’t regulate them to death, cost them
billions in stupid, ineffectual government mandates, and — in essence
— appreciated the fact that they were there to employ their
masses instead of American workers for a change.

Now that NAFTA and GATT have been around for a while, there is a new
reason why it is becoming more and more cost prohibitive to start a
business in America — the rampaging, politically correct left. If they
don’t like what you’re making, they’ll try to demonize your business to
death. And if that doesn’t work, they’ll use their friends in the
federal and state judiciaries to sue you into oblivion — never once
stopping to think about, or care about, the American lives they are
destroying in the process, just because those workers happen to be
employed by one of these industries.

For example, fascist smoking Nazis have so completely gutted the
tobacco industry and demonized those who use tobacco that insurance
companies, city hiring boards, and unions have begun to disqualify
potential employees
on the basis of their smoking habits. Forget the fact that the Fourth
Amendment is supposed to protect the right of a person’s privacy to
engage in a legal activity in his own home. And forget the fact that the
U.S. government, if not the Clinton administration, is hung up on making
sure everyone is treated equally.

Obviously, though, this equality is extended only to those
politically correct souls who are foolish enough to give up all of their
freedom in exchange for the government’s “security.” More foolish
still, however, is this group’s belief that just because their
government allies aren’t going after something they enjoy
now that they will never go after it. Sure they won’t —
and all politicians are honest, too.

Meanwhile, “teen” smoking is not falling and the cities, states and
local governments slated to get the tobacco billions are having second
thoughts about spending that money in the manner they promised. Gee —
we couldn’t see that coming, could we?

Then there is the fascist gun Nazi attack on the firearms industry.
Over the weekend one of the country’s largest and oldest gun makers,
Colt’s, announced that the company will no longer sell handguns to
, all to
keep the gun Nazis and greedy, misguided city administrators out of
their checkbook.

Lest the fascists forget, an Ohio judge got it right last week when
he ruled that Cincinnati’s lawsuit against the gun industry has no merit
because the city has no legal right to the gun maker’s profits. He said
that the city, which has a duty to provide law enforcement and
other services to city residents (for which they already collect taxes),
cannot “reasonably” hold a gun maker responsible because some jerk chose
to misuse a gun. To do so would be to also hold an alcohol maker
responsible for the actions of a drunk, or a water treatment facility
responsible for a backyard pool drowning. Duh.

Honestly — using the fascists’ own line of reasoning — courtrooms
ought to be holding city administrators and police departments liable
for failing to provide better protection to citizens, for failing to
adequately enforce gun laws, and for failing to prevent murders, rapes
and robberies from taking place.

Yes, I know — reasonable people know better than to hold city
administrators and police departments to such high standards because
they know they are nonsensical expectations. Even the Supreme Court,
wisely, has held that a city or a police department cannot be held
liable for failing to always “serve and protect” because the court knows
what an unreasonable expectation (and veritable lawsuit heaven) such a
requirement would have been.

But good grief — gun makers and tobacco producers have a right to be
held to the exact same standards, especially when — for years —
they have never claimed their products were risk-free. On the
other hand, entire communities — in an effort to attract new residents
— often market their cities as “low crime” or “virtually crime free,”
but nobody ever gets sued for that lie.

That so few people with an agenda in this country could force an
American company with such a long, rich history of manufacturing fine
products into a decision not to sell those products any longer is a huge
loss to the American cause of freedom, not to mention the ultimate act
of debauchery. That so few people could so successfully control the
debate with blatant and provable lies — and win — is an
abomination. That so many otherwise intelligent people buy these
arguments is depressing.

Bit by bit, the American fascist movement is destroying entire
industries — and with them the lives of American families they claim to
care so much about. Next on their “hit list” are sport utility
vehicles, red meat, alcohol, and even lawn mowers and perfumes. It’s
crazy but it’s true. Some “environmental groups” recently even wanted
the state of California to ban outdoor barbecues because, they said,
barbecues damaged the ozone and posed a “grave” health risk to people.
Oh, mama.

When so few people can eliminate entire industries (tobacco, guns)
just because they don’t agree with the intent, purpose and use of their
products, you should understand why it is no wonder many U.S.
corporations are bailing out of this country as fast as they can get
exit visas. Worse, you should be alarmed at how easy it is for so few
people to convince millions that life is supposed to be risk-free
— though common sense tells you it never has been and never will be.

It’s time for lawmakers and judges and juries in this country to wake
up to the fact that with each victory they grant the fascist left, one
more piece of America’s economic pie is sacrificed. Businesses that
find they can no longer survive in this nation’s hostile corporate
environment will leave — pure and simple. And most won’t even stop
making their products, either — they’ll just stop making them
here, leading them overseas to hire another country’s workers to
sell back to the United States. That is what is disturbing about the
fascist left — they don’t all want these products to go away, they just
want to extort their profits for their own little pet political

Consequently, the fascist “victory” of ruining these businesses
becomes a Pyrrhic victory at best.

This argument has nothing to do with “globalism vs. nationalism,” or
any other equally moronic argument. It has to do with the ramifications
of extorting and “punishing” makers of legal products and sacrificing
their workers at the altar of political correctness. And it has to do
with asking the question, “Where does it end?”

Most other countries seem to go out of their way to harbor and
protect their industries and corporations, but here in the U.S. we seem
to be satisfied with wrecking ours.

This minority leftist spite will cost all of us dearly if we
don’t put a stop to it now. Personally, I think it’s high time to tell
these people to either get used to the idea that law abiding American
adults have every right to stock up on guns, smoke cigarettes and drive
SUVs, or pack up their belongings and get the hell out of this country.
There are plenty of socialist “utopian paradises” all over the globe
that would love to take them in, I’m sure. And I hear American
companies are hiring in those countries — at about one-tenth of their
former U.S. wages.

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