A violent blow to the window of a home suddenly breaks the silence of
the night. A woman gasps as she reaches for the phone near her bed to
dial 9-1-1. As the intruder enters the window, splintering even more
glass underfoot, the woman’s voice quivers, pleading for operators to
answer her emergency call. Instead of an operator, however, she is
greeted with a recorded message telling her, “All lines are busy —
please hold for the next available 9-1-1 operator.”

She panics. The intruder is moving towards her now, knife in hand.
She begs for the operator to answer her call.

She starts to scream but is muted by the intruder’s hand — or worse,
his weapon. Seconds continue to tick off until finally, a male 9-1-1
operator’s voice is heard on the phone.

“9-1-1, what is your emergency?” The woman doesn’t answer him
because she cannot answer him.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” says the operator. Silence. It’s too

This scenario is just one of several being formulated into radio,
television and print commercials by a Los Angeles-based pro-gun
organization called Citizens of America (COA). Their idea is to take a
no-holds-barred approach to educating and informing the public about the
utter failure and fallacy of liberal gun control.

In the process, they want to demonstrate the hypocrisy of vehement
anti-constitutionalists like Sarah Brady, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and
Sen. Chuck Schumer, all of whom have access to personal security and
bodyguards paid for by the very taxpayers they deny similar protection.

The woman in this particular commercial — like millions of other
Americans — have no such luxury. And it’s far worse for law abiding
citizens in America’s largest cities, because even though urban areas
are inherently more dangerous, they are also the most heavily regulated
when it comes to gun control.

COA’s approach is brilliant, because it is attempting to do what I
and dozens of other Second Amendment supporters have tried to do in the
past — show Americans that it is the leftist anti-gunners, and not
“crazy gun nuts” or guns in the hands of law abiding, responsible
adults, that kill more people each year. Shortsighted, ignorant
policies — not bullets — have consistently taken more lives annually
than any crime spree or assault weapon.

In another commercial, a “criminal spokesperson” bragged about the
“effectiveness” of anti-gun policies. He “admits” what thousands of real
criminals have told people for years — that they love anti-gun
laws because they love being able to prey on an unarmed victim.
Even criminals are “safety minded,” though it shouldn’t take a blessed
rocket scientist to figure that out.

What I find most refreshing about this ad campaign is the attitude of
those who created it. Though they never say so directly, they seem to
be fed up with the compromising, no cajones approach toward
“reconciliation” with the anti-gunners that is more and more often being
used by some gun makers and gun groups. Finally, though, somebody with
initiative has figured out that when it comes to the Second Amendment,
there is no compromising with the liberal left. The latter has
one goal in mind — the banning of all guns in this country, period. And
each “victory” they get is just an incentive to go further, to get more
gun control.

The Citizens of America mission statement says it all: “There is an
overwhelming need for an operational group, which can strike fast,
strike hard, and strike without fear of political reprisal. This is such
a group.”

“This campaign will not be apologetic, it will not play fair, it will
hit below the belt whenever the opportunity presents itself, it will not
take prisoners,” COA said. That’s because they have a single goal: “To
destroy those who are tampering with 2nd Amendment freedom.”


Normally I don’t do this, but it’s late in the game and I’m afraid
we’re all in danger of losing our hedge against total tyranny. I would
ask that you visit the Citizens of America website, read their message,
and send them some dough for their advertising campaign. My friend
Steve Vaus, who created the “Dear Mr.
President” and “Dear Senator” ad campaigns during President Clinton’s
impeachment debacle, had some success using this approach, so we all
know it can work.

If you’re in the radio, television or print news/magazine biz, maybe
you can contact these folks and figure out some way to help them. Even
a story or a mention of them and their site would, I’m sure, be a huge

In the meantime those of you who have never joined a “gun group” may
want to consider this. Also, those who do belong to a group may want to
discuss asking your leadership to support this campaign as well, since
ultimately it will benefit all of us.

Finally, those of you who have been personally victimized, or have
had family members victimized, by some low-life scumbag criminal — and
had no way of fighting back because of fascist anti-gun laws — might
want to contemplate supporting this effort. Even if you’re a gun hater
or believe you personally have no use for a gun, think about supporting
this cause because sooner or later an oppressive federal government will
get around to banning or condemning something you do enjoy. Bet
on it.

And for the record, my check will be in the mail.

Look, the only way to get the message out about the reality of
anti-gun laws and the very real damage they pose to society is through a
campaign designed specifically for that purpose. “Preaching to the
choir” isn’t good enough anymore; like WorldNetDaily, it’s time to take
the message to the masses. This is a way to accomplish that.

I hope you can help.

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