I’d like to be one of the first media representatives to openly thank
the U.S. Senate for deciding not to ratify the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
In my opinion, this sole act was one of the most important steps taken
by either House of Congress to preserve what is left of U.S. national
security since Bill Clinton has been in office.

To wit, Clinton has done everything he can — with copious duplicity
on the part of ideological soulmates in Congress, in his National
Security Council and throughout his administration — to not only limit
America’s ability to defend itself, but also to “give aid and comfort”
to the enemies of this nation. To ratify such a foolish, nonsensical
treaty eliminating our ability to test, hone and improve our nuclear
arsenal would have been the final nail in the coffin.

It’s no secret that neither Russia nor China had any intention of
adhering to this treaty in the first place. Russia, the CIA reported
this week, has already violated it and so has China — the latter, most likely, with the
theft of U.S. nuclear technology the Clinton administration continues to
deny even occurred.

In the second place, no reasonable person could expect this
country to maintain an adequate deterrent effect through the deployment
of nuclear weapons without, at some point, testing the things to make
sure they’ll do what they were designed to do. It’d be a colossal
blunder — as well as national suicide — to assume differently.

Lastly, even our own intelligence agencies have said that under a
certain kiloton range, the U.S. would have no way of detecting Russian
and Chinese missile tests because the Clinton administration didn’t push
hard enough for more monitoring stations. Considering that huge
loophole, does anyone seriously believe that neither of these
nations would have continued to test their weapons anyway, on a much
smaller scale?

No sane person wants nuclear war — most everyone agrees with that
presumption. That’s because regardless of the outcome of such a
conflict, there would be no “winners” in the traditional sense; there
are so many of these weapons only one massive exchange would decimate
life, as we know it.

But since the genie is out of the bottle there is no realistic way to
avoid having nuclear weapons — not to be able to “strike first,” though
they should be capable of that, but as effective deterrents against
others who may be more belligerent. And that requires testing, not
“speculation” or the hope that our ICBMs would work if, God
forbid, we’d ever need them. Uncle Sam owes the American people
that kind of protection.

Could you have imagined the delight in Moscow — which is currently
deploying a brand-new generation of road-mobile, nuclear-tipped ICBMs
called the Topol-M — and Beijing — currently doing the same as Russia
— if our Senate would have passed this treaty? In a matter of years,
due to our neglect and our enemy’s technological advances, the U.S.
nuclear arsenal would have ceased to be an effective deterrent. At that
point, enemy nations wouldn’t even have to launch against us — all they
would have had to do was threaten to launch, and there wouldn’t
have been a flipping thing we could do about it.

Is that the proper way to preserve American prosperity and freedom —
open us up to instant attack or nuclear blackmail? Hell, no — you’d
have to be a lunatic to believe that.

So why are all the pointy-heads in Washington and NATO
pushing for this lunacy? That’s a good question, and one the American
people should be asking them — starting with Clinton himself.

Clinton has asserted that a rejection of this treaty would suddenly
— and quite amazingly — create some sort of new “national security

Really? How?

It seems to me that the decision to reject this turkey has
improved national security a great deal, by failing to let the
opponents who have a special hatred for nuclear weapons win on the
political battlefield.

Furthermore, Clinton has taken to blaming Republicans who “didn’t
want a serious discussion” of the treaty. Put simply, Clinton is lying
through his teeth.

Not long ago Sen. Jesse Helms, R-S.C., chairman of the Senate Foreign
Relations Committee, held a hearing specifically to discuss this
treaty. Eleven witnesses testified, but where were the Democrats? Most
of them refused to attend, blaming Helms for creating a “partisan”

In other words — before one single word was spoken about the treaty
at Helms’ hearing — Clinton’s leftist congressional “caucus” pronounced
the treaty DOA and refused to participate in an open, fair and honest
forum to discuss its benefits or ramifications. Instead they decided to
echo the lies of their commander in chief.

But that is typical behavior for the fascist left. Rarely do they
invite or participate in a fair discussion of this country’s defense
policies because they know Americans will discover just how incompetent
they are when it comes to defending this nation. So rather than
participate in a serious discussion about the very dire consequences of
approving this treaty, they’d rather let hollow and unsubstantial
ten-second sound bites do their “debating” for them. Naturally the
anti-nuke mainstream media is more than willing to publish their pearls
of wisdom.

The fascist left in this country and abroad is in an uproar over the
rejection of this treaty because they continue to live in a fantasy
world where nobody is “really mean enough” to use nuclear weapons
against us. Therefore, they conclude, there is no good reason for us to
have and maintain our own nuclear arsenal.

Is that utopian idiocy or what?

Clinton can banter about the country and the world decrying the
rejection of this treaty all he wants. But the main thing people should
understand is that its defeat is a significant step in the right
direction for Congress to take in reestablishing their duty to protect
this country from our enemies. Next Congress should trash the so-called
“treaty” limiting our ability to fully deploy a national missile defense
system, considering it was signed with a country (The Union of Soviet
Socialist Republics) that doesn’t even exist anymore, and considering
that both Russia and China are building new and better ballistic
missiles which threaten our children today and their future tomorrow.

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