LOS ANGELES — On a recent evening, Martha Hovie was sitting in a
local nightclub waiting to see a band called Gender Bender. As Hovey
looked over at the table next to her, she saw something strange going
on. She looked again, making sure she was seeing right. At the table, a
skinny guy was kneeling between the legs of a larger, leather-jacketed
fellow, fellating him. Shocked, Hovie pointed this out to the couple
sharing her table.

They simply shrugged it off. Hovie couldn’t believe it. “I was
furious that this was taking place in public,” she recalled. Hovie
proceeded to take her drink and pour it over the couple, thereby ending
their little tryst. “What I didn’t realize at the time was that almost
the entire room was gay” Hovie said.

It didn’t take her long, however. People started yelling obscenities
at her. Hovie yelled back. The fervor increased. A flying ashtray hit
her in the forehead, opening a bloody gash. She ran to get a bouncer,
who refused to help. Finally, Hovie was literally driven from the club
(which is not known as a homosexual nightspot), people shouting cries of
“kill the bitch!” at her back. As she made her way through the hostile
crowd, the guy who’d been on the receiving end of the act of fellatio
confronted her and spit in her face.

“I’m normally not someone who’ll take that stuff,” said Hovie, “but
frankly, I was scared for my life. I’d never experienced a bunch of
militant gays, and lemme tell you — it was really frightening. That
place was like a war zone.”

Hovie’s comments are right on target. There is a war going on in the
world today. It’s not always a physical war, but it is a war
nonetheless. It is a war involving ideologies, morals, and stridently
opposed ethical systems. It is a war fought primarily with ideas and
words. For this reason it is of utmost importance that we be extremely
careful about the meanings of the words used in examining this issue.

I know that this issue may seem old hat. Today, homosexuality is —
except by a small minority — largely accepted as an “alternative
lifestyle.” It is no longer thought of as what it actually is — a
spiritual disease and a total perversion of life. Because of this, I
believe it is important that we look at this issue afresh. Because if
we’re not appalled at the behavior of homosexuals, we’ve been

Homosexuals and their allies have a whole battery of verbal artillery
which is implicitly designed to condone their behavior. In its mildest
form, this gayspeak is a subtle, but highly effective method of
conditioning. In its most blatant form, it is nothing less than
brainwashing. The prime word, of course, is “homophobic.” By classifying
heterosexuals who don’t approve of them as “phobic,” homosexuals have
effectively shifted the burden of proof, as it were, upon their critics.

The implication is that homophobia is something to be overcome,
rather than a normal reaction to behavior which, throughout history, has
been considered by the populace at large to be deviant. Generally, one
doesn’t hear heterosexuals calling homosexuals “heterophobic,” though —
in light of current societal standards — this would be more correct.

If you disapprove of homosexuals, you are called “prejudiced” or
branded a “sexist.” If you condemn their acts as unnatural you are the
victim of “negative programming.” If you openly state your
anti-homosexual beliefs you are “bigoted.” With enough repetition of
these emotionally loaded terms, people ultimately become psychologically
bullied into accepting behavior that they once considered abnormal. This
is precisely the desired effect that the militant homosexuals hope for.

Of course, homosexuals will attempt to use this same logic regarding
people who classify their acts as unnatural. But heterosexuals have
biological and scientific data as a foundation for their beliefs,
whereas homosexual gayspeak has no basis in reality. Rather, it is
specifically designed to play upon the emotions. Given the amount of
sympathy in evidence for homosexuals today, it’s quite evident that
these propagandistic techniques have been highly effective

The word “gay” itself is another example of this same conditioning
mechanism. Particularly in light of the rash of homosexuals currently
dying — not to mention the fact that the entire homosexual community is
now living in constant fear of suffering a slow and agonizing death —
their lifestyle can hardly be considered gay. Secondly, it is very
important to keep in mind that whenever we talk about the “lifestyle” of
homosexuals, we are talking about one thing, and one thing only —
sexual behavior. Minus the area of sexuality, relationships between same
sex people would have to be considered, at some level, friendship. This
may seem overly simplistic, but it is a fact which is constantly swept
under the carpet. In all the talk about the homosexual lifestyle, the
focus is always on every activity except sexual behavior.

Yet the reason they are categorized homosexuals, is precisely because
of their sexual proclivities. Terms like “gay pride,” or “positive gay
self-image,” are specifically designed to obfuscate the central issue,
which is sex. In gayspeak, “gay lifestyle,” means a lifestyle in which
two men perform sodomy and oral intercourse on one another. Similarly,
“gay pride” literally means pride in sodomy, anilingus, fistf—ing,

Friendship, love, warmth, and intimacy between people of the same sex
didn’t cause the disease which now threatens to decimate mankind. What
caused the disease is the constant engaging in pathological, unsanitary
sexual practices as well as the hedonistic, promiscuous lifestyle which
is typical of most homosexuals.

Homosexuality is described by their apologists as simply a “variant”
of normal sexual behavior. However, upon closer inspection, this
statement is meaningless. Using that same where-do-we-draw-the-line
rhetoric, any behavior — including incest, pedophilia and bestiality —
could be designated as a “variant” of normal human behavior.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, (male) homosexuals
still attempt to foster the notion that anal sex — their primary sexual
activity — is normal. States R.D. Fenwick in the Advocate Guide To Gay
Health, “Despite the horror stories you hear, anal intercourse is a
perfectly safe and beautifully expressive way for two men to have sex.
Psychologically, the benefits of anal intercourse — intimacy,
acceptance and fulfillment — can be unbounded.”

Consider this in light of the statement made by Dr. Harold Feinstein
of the Centers For Disease Control: “From a purely biological
perspective, sodomy is an intrinsically unsanitary and pathological act.
Empirical medical evidence clearly demonstrates that the rectum is not
designed for intromission by penises, fists, forearms, etc.
Physiologically, the rectum is designed for the expulsion of feces. When
sodomy is performed, the peculiar forced inward expansion of the anal
canal results in a tearing of the lining as well as bleeding anal

“The damage to the rectal wall facilitates access to the bloodstream
of AIDS-infected sperm and other disease causing organisms.” The result
of engaging in sodomy — as well as the other grossly unsanitary acts
commonly practiced by homosexuals — is that STDs (sexually transmitted
diseases) are higher among homosexuals than in any other subculture.
Many diseases are endemic to that group. The diseases commonly found (40
percent or higher) among homosexuals include: gonorrhea, nonspecific
urethritis, syphilis, hepatitis, amebic dysentery, salmonella,
intestinal parasites, shigellosis, venereal warts, incurable genital
herpes, and the Big Daddy — AIDS, which has clearly been linked to
homosexual behavior.

Incredibly, even with the evidence staring them in the face, the
medical community — and homosexual doctors in particular — continue to
employ doubletalk or to impart outright misinformation regarding the
transmission of the AIDS virus. “We can’t really say for certain that
AIDS is transmitted sexually,” said one homosexual physician. “It’s just
that it appears to be.”


Besides anal intercourse, other behavior commonly engaged in by
homosexuals include various sadomasochistic acts, bondage and discipline
(master and slave games), golden showers (urinating on one’s partner or
drinking urine), scat (eating human feces), sticking various items
(everything from butter knives to Polish sausage to gerbils) up each
other’s rectums, fistf—ing (shoving the fist and sometimes the entire
arm up the partner’s rectum) and bestiality.

Homosexuals will, of course, argue that all of these acts are also
practiced by heterosexuals. Again, this statement is an attempt to
sidestep the issue that these acts constitute normal behavior for
homosexuals, while they are still considered deviant when practiced by
heterosexuals. Moreover, their incidence within the heterosexual
community is nowhere near as high as it is among homosexuals. One group
that still continues to function within the homosexual community is the
Fistf—ers Of America. Despite the fact that the death rate has been as
high as 50 percent among men who practice it, proponents of this
subhuman act of perversion continue to make a case for its pleasurable

“It’s so relaxing,” one homosexual told the Advocate. “We all carry a
lot of tension in our anus, and to break that up is tremendous. To me,
getting fistf—ed is like getting a heavy massage. The relaxation lasts
all day long.”

When regarded in the cold, clinical light of reality, it is clear
that none of these are acts of love. Rather, they are acts of
degradation, pain and hate. They are anti-life. For people who engage in
these acts to call themselves “lovers” is pure blasphemy.

Another myth being fostered by the medical community is that of “safe
sex.” Competent physicians have stated that only a change to a
monogamous heterosexual lifestyle, or else total celibacy is a sure way
of stopping the spread of AIDS. Yet pro-homosexual doctors refuse to
accept this fact. New York physician Dr. Dan William, a leading
spokesman for Better Gay Health, glibly told his patients abstinence
from sex is “impractical” as well as “politically incorrect.” William’s
suggestion? “Find one or two f—buddies and stick with them.”

Another spurious notion currently in vogue is that education is the
key to solving the AIDS crisis. This idea makes the false assumption
that because people know the facts, they will change their behavior. On
the contrary. A recent issue of The American Journal Of Public Health
presented a study of sexual behavior taken from a cross section of
homosexuals in San Francisco, Calif., which revealed a rather grim
scenario: 92 percent of the men asserted they were still not taking the
most basic prophylactic measures. 35 percent said they’d had sex with
more than five partners the month prior to the sampling; 69 percent
said, “It’s hard to change my behavior because being gay means doing
what I want sexually.”

Said Dr. Bryan P. Chapman, Head of the Department Of Psychiatry at
Cleveland General Hospital, “Studies show that gays go right on with
their old behavior, particularly if they’ve tested negative on the blood
screening test.” (Ironically, Chapman himself is HIV positive; he
contracted the disease when the blood of an HIV infected patient got
into an open wound.)

Meanwhile, militant homosexuals continue to apply pressure on
hospital and government officials in order to protect their

“Gays put pressure on the Board Of Health to forbid the (blood
screening) test,” said Dr. Helen Singer Kaplan, head of the Human
Sexuality Program at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. “We
could stop AIDS today if these stupid Typhoid Marys would stop spreading
the disease. As a physician I’m appalled at their wildly having sex and
spreading AIDS.”

The media has also played a large part in blunting the realities of
the homosexual lifestyle. Programs such The AIDS Show — aired on the
liberal and homosexual backed KCET — which plugged itself as a “frank
representation” of the AIDS crisis never once dealt directly with any of
the specifics of the disease. The show, which included maudlin skits
about dying lovers as well as song and dance routines about AIDS —
played up the role of the homosexual-as-victim, while the issue of
responsibility was totally avoided.

Meanwhile, local public access shows like “Gay Talk” — headed up by
gay activist host Daniel R. Benton — continue to promote the positive
benefits of homosexuality and feature guests which include homosexual
“dating services” hawking their wares. Part of the reason for the
acquiescence by people in the media is fear of the power that
homosexuals have gained. Benton’s father, a member of the Writer’s Guild
Of America was formerly a very powerful television producer.

Said TV producer James Comack, “Do you know the most powerful lobby
in the entertainment business? Bigger than blacks or women’s lib or any
nationalist or racial group? It’s the gays. If you don’t have the
approval of the Gay Media Task Force, you don’t go on the air.”

Meanwhile, the artistic community has spawned Artists For AIDS, which
is currently collecting money for a mural to be painted on the Odin St.
underpass in Hollywood. According to Robert Peter Primes, spokesmen for
the group, the mural will send out “powerful healing energies” to
suffering AIDS victims.

Perhaps these people are well meaning. Nonetheless, this sort of
metaphysical doubletalk is not only beside the point, it is genuinely
cruel to someone who is actually dying of the disease. As author Gene
Antonio states in The AIDS Cover Up, “Tragically, many of these people
still parade about, disease riddled and dying, unabashedly promoting
acceptance of the very behavior leading to their ruin, their benighted
sympathetic allies in the media marching right alongside them.”

Perhaps the most unforgivable notion being fostered by homosexual
activists is the self-serving statement that although their behavior has
brought about the death of literally thousands of people, ultimately it
will benefit mankind. Says Nathan Fain in the introduction to The
Advocate Guide To Gay Health, “If, as many researchers predict, the
solution to AIDS provides the long hoped for breakthrough to understand
cancer, gay men will be a part of the most significant medical event of
the century.”

There is simply no end to the lengths that homosexuals will go to
prevent themselves from facing empirical biological reality. The facts,
in themselves are not complicated. The AIDS virus is the direct effect
of unnatural, unhygienic, sexual acts engaged in primarily by
homosexuals. The way to cure AIDS is to stop the behavior which causes
the disease. It’s that simple.

To be continued next week: The second installment of this
exclusive report will explore the occultic roots of homosexuality.

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