© 1999 Michael S. Hyatt

For many people, moving is not an option. They may truly want to get out of
harm’s way before Y2K disruptions occur, but for a multitude of reasons it
may be impossible. If you are in this particular situation and are convinced
your present location will be too hazardous when the new century arrives —
regardless of how many self-defense and community planning steps you take —
you should investigate what I call the “half-way relocation” option.

Essentially this plan means you must find a friend, relative, or co-worker
who lives in a safer location and make arrangements with them to spend the
century rollover period at their home.

For a lot of people this will be rather easy. I know one city-dweller whose
parents have ordered him, in no uncertain terms, to bring his family to
their house for Christmas 1999 and stay for as long as needed — even
permanently if necessary.

For other people who don’t know a single soul outside their urban
neighborhood, this will be an extremely difficult plan to accomplish. If you
don’t know anyone at all in a less dangerous location, now is the time to
find one. Church groups often have contacts with other communities.
Co-workers may live, or know others who live, in rural areas. Talk to people
in your congregation or at work — subtly and low key, yes, but persistently,
too. This certainly could be awkward, but let’s not lose sight of what we
are talking about here. The risks of Y2K are real. This could be a matter of
life and death. The health and safety of your loved ones may depend on
whether you successfully accomplish this plan.

The first step is to identify someone who may make an acceptable host. First
and foremost, their location should be safer than yours (obviously). Also
consider whether your personalities and views are compatible, and of course,
there should be at least a remote chance that they will agree to this plan
before you approach them.

When you do approach them, don’t present yourself as a helpless charity
case. Make your potential host see an advantage to having you at his or her
home. Offer something in return — food, fuel, money, labor, a special skill
or talent, etc. Make them want you at their place during a crisis.

If you are able to arrange a “half-way relocation,” you will be abandoning
your current residence for a period of time. It may be in pretty bad shape
by the time you return. But your life and health are much more valuable than
property or possessions. Psychologically and emotionally, be prepared to
lose it all. Possessions can always be replaced — your life cannot.

I admit this Y2K prep-tip is drastic. But drastic situations call for
drastic measures. Nothing in my experience has the potential to be as
drastic as the Y2K crisis.

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