© 1999 Michael S. Hyatt

I am constantly seeing my friends buy Y2K survival gear, put it in storage, and think they are done preparing. Nothing could be further from the truth — or more dangerous.

Once you have purchased the supplies, you are only half done. Equally important is training. For example, have you bought …

  • dehydrated food but don’t have a clue how to cook it?

  • a water filter but have never used it to treat dirty water?

  • a CB radio but have never turned it on or established communication procedures and protocols?

  • a first-aid kit but are lost once you get past the band aids and rubbing alcohol?

  • a generator but have never started it up or learned how to safely patch it into your electrical system?

  • a gun and ammunition but have never shot it or taken a course in firearm safety and tactics?

These equipment and supplies will not do you any good unless you get the training you need to learn how to use it.

My wife, Gail, and I have taken five gun courses and plan to take more. We are also planning to take a course in wilderness medicine. Just this week, I started setting up the CB radios and writing out our communication protocols. Why? Because I don’t want to be learning these skills in a potentially stressful situation when my life may depend on it.

The time to get the training is now.

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