© 1999 Michael S. Hyatt

For several weeks now Y2K vendors have been reporting that sales have
slowed. People seem to be less interested in preparing for Y2K than at
any other time in the last 12 months. I think this is due in large part
to the “spin” and disinformation being promulgated by the Clinton
administration and various industry spokespeople.

And it seems to be working. Just when we began getting some momentum,
the public has stuck its collective head in the sand and gone back to
sleep. Or perhaps they’ve just “flipped the channel” to focus on one of
the many other diversions that are more immediate, threatening, or

Regardless, I believe this presents a unique opportunity to those who
are not asleep at the wheel. The media are currently preoccupied with
the troubles in East Timor and whether or not George W. Bush used
cocaine 25 years ago. However, sooner or later the facts are going to
come out. (In fact they are readily available now to anyone who cares to
read them.) And when they do, John Q. Public is going to wake up, smell
the coffee, and realize that he hasn’t been told the whole story.

At that moment, I believe we will see millions of Americans scramble
to make preparations “just in case.” And at that moment the door of
opportunity will slam shut and people will regret that they were so
naive as to believe everything they were told.

My prep-tip for today is to take advantage of the lull before the
storm. Make the preparations you know you need to make and do it now.
You may not get this opportunity again. Don’t squander it.

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