Actor Woody Harrelson and actress Glenn Close aren’t lawyers, but
sometimes they play lawyers in the public forum. At present, both are
engaged in crusades to “reverse the injustices” of two convicted murderers
and are campaigning to get them released.

Close has actually been successful. She was instrumental in getting the
courts to release Precious (no, I’m not kidding) Bedell, a 45-year-old woman
who was convicted of murdering her youngest daughter in 1980.

After having all three of her children taken away for neglect, some ditzy
child custody official decided to give Precious back her youngest child –
2-year-old daughter Lashonda. One night Precious took Lashonda to a steak
house, and after the toddler accidentally spilled food on her, Precious
dragged her into the bathroom and beat her so severely she fractured her
skull seven times. Needless to say, Lashonda isn’t around to garner
the pity of some self-anointed actress like Close.

Now we learn that a court has agreed to absolve Precious of the murder
charge (on a technicality). The court changed the crime to “manslaughter”
instead and allowed Precious Bedell to be released for “time served.” Her
child, Lashonda, is still “serving her time,” however. She’s still
dead, though Close seems to have forgotten that.

Meanwhile, Harrelson is still working to get his pet criminal
released. He wants convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to be let off the

Somebody should tell these two idiots that bashing in the skulls of
toddlers and killing cops are not things most Americans forgive very easily.
Most people also cannot tolerate the image of idly rich, spoiled actors and
actresses playing “lawyer” to a couple of social misfits who deserve as good
as they gave.

Worse is having this story “break” during Thanksgiving. It makes the
injustice of it all seem intensified.

Obviously, Harrelson and Close don’t understand that their fame and
fortune are gifts rarely bestowed. Only in their demented little world of
depravity would they not realize how much of a disgrace it is to misuse
their gifts and talents like this.

Happy Holidays, Lashonda, and God bless you. Some of us are thinking
about you instead, sweetheart, and the injustice you have suffered –
twice now.

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