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In order to understand the vehemence with which homosexuals and
their apologists (radical feminists) defend their beliefs, it’s
important to understand that the rise in open homosexuality in the past
25 years is only one aspect of the current revival in occultism and
paganism that is taking place in the world today. Many people don’t
realize that, at its crux, homosexuality is not a political issue, but
rather, a religious one.

Homosexuality is firmly rooted in the occultic worship of the goddess
(Semiramis) which originated in ancient Babylon, and which later
resurfaced in pagan rites throughout the world. Though the myth is that
pagans were simply peace-loving nature peoples, they were, in fact, a
people who worshipped sex and death. Their rituals included the
sacrifice of children, self-mutilation, and orgies in which every
conceivable form of sexual perversion was practiced. Lesbianism,
cross-dressing, incest, sodomy (with both male and female prostitutes
and transvestites) were not only encouraged, they were an integral part
of the worship of the various pagan gods and goddesses.

Today the beliefs which originated in Babylon continue to be espoused
by members of the radical feminist movement and its offshoot, the
(so-called) Men’s Movement. The common cosmology of these movements —
which not only condone, but encourage homosexuality — is their emphasis
on the “feminine” in mankind, as well as their hatred of the
Judeo-Christian religion and its inherent patriarchal structure. It is
important to note that it is only the Judeo-Christian religion (both in
the Torah and the Bible) which specifically forbids homosexuality and
condemns it as a sin.

While most homosexuals probably don’t think of their acts as
spiritual rebellion (let alone sin), radical feminists — many of whom
are lesbian — are clearly aware of this fact. Says self-described
“warrior dyke” feminist Judy Grahn: “Gay comes from the grand old earth
goddess (Gaia), who reigned long before the patriarchal invasions
overthrew and replaced her. Western homosexual people truly deserve to
consider themselves the children of Gaia, having kept her name alive for
thirty or forty centuries after her fall from grace. It’s not surprising
to see many gay people flowing back to the old pagan and woman-centered
customs … back to a female principle in the fairy circles … when the
world and the universe were understood to be basically female, and a man
would search for the female in himself, rather than restrict himself
solely to the patriarchal.”

The Men’s Movement, which describes itself as “gay-affirmative” is
another occultic offshoot of today’s return to paganism. Led by
poet/occultist Robert Bly, groups of “feminist men” go off into the
woods on a “mythopoetic journey.” Through the use of rituals involving
drumming, mask wearing, poetry reading and ecstatic dancing, these men,
according to Men’s Movement spokesman Shephard Bliss, get in touch with
their “deep masculine” their “moist fathers,” and learn to become “more
intimate” with one another.

Like many New Agers, the proponents of the Men’s Movement have
sprinkled their antics with jargon borrowed from a host of sources
including mythology and Jungian psychology. Still, when you strip away
the linguistic gobbldygook, the Men’s Movement is simply a return to the
same old pagan beliefs which have existed since ancient times.

What are the goals of the modern-day pagans? Says homosexual activist
Arthur Evans, “We seek the rebirth of the tribe and tribal communism, a
decrease in the importance of books, reestablishing our communication
with nature and the Great Mother, reestablishing the Men’s Mysteries and
Women’s Mysteries as the highest expression of our collective gay
culture. We seek to regain our ancient historical roles as medicine
people, healers, prophets, shamans and sorcerers. We seek a new
socialism that is not only political but also magical and sexual.

“If we are to overthrow the patriarchy,” Evans continues. “We must
tap into the deeper energies, energies that the ruling classes of
Christianity and industrialism have desperately tried to deny and
repress. These are the energies of magic. Magic is a collective
activity, depending for its practice on group song, dance, sex and
ecstasy. So let us invoke our friends — the banished and forbidden
spirits of nature and self, as well as the ghosts of Indian, wise woman,
faggot, Black sorcerer and witch. They will hear our deepest call and
come. Through us the spirits will speak again.” Evans contends that the
goals of the homosexual community can only be attained when the
patriarchy is overthrown. Written three years before the onset of AIDS,
his plan as to how this is to be accomplished is genuinely chilling.

“I doubt if we can ever stop patriarchy until we fan out like
viruses, and when the time is right, strike without warning at the
ruling institutions, politicians, industrialists, warlords.

“I admit that violence against other human beings is a terrible
desecration of life,” Evans continues, “but what are we to do in the
face of the atrocities of the patriarchy, when our backs are against the
wall? Yes, anarchist violence still kills, but it is quite a different
thing from the massive scientifically planned objective violence of
institutions like the Pentagon. It is more like the violence of a
cornered animal defending itself.”

Today, Evan’s death-prophecy is being fulfilled, though perhaps not
in quite the way he imagined. Make no mistake. We are in a war. It is
not just a war against a disease, but a war which involves the very core
of our social structure.

The result of the rise in paganism — with its inherent homosexuality
and lesbianism — is the destruction of traditional, God-given
male/female roles. It is also the breakdown of the family unit, which
is the foundation of our society. In essence, what is happening today is
that men are becoming women and women are becoming men. The result of
this perversion of the natural order is physical. Remember, AIDS isn’t the
disease. AIDS is the symptom of a spiritual disease.

Since the late ’60s, homosexuals have effectively waged a well
organized, highly aggressive disinformation campaign, with the specific
purpose of clothing their debased, perverted lifestyle with a veil of
respectability. With the onset of the AIDS crisis, that veil has been
ripped away.

Today people who believe homosexuality is an illness must stop
apologizing for their criticism of homosexuals. Nor must people be put
off by homosexual activists crying foul for “using” AIDS to promote
traditional sexual morality. If nothing else, the countless deaths from
AIDS have proved that arguments for a homosexual lifestyle are both
biologically unsound and intellectually dishonest.

States author, Gene Antonio, “The Pied Pipers of the homosexual
liberation movement have led hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions to
an impending AIDS death. They have promised their followers nirvana and
have led them instead into the abyss of depravity and despair. The
entire homosexual movement has been a form of biological mass suicide.”

To put it simply, homosexuality is not a lifestyle. It is a
deathstyle. No doubt, many people will be offended by these statements.
They will be called cruel and inhumane. May I suggest that this is
exactly backwards.

It is not an act of cruelty to point out the facts. True compassion
can only come with acceptance of reality. A disease can only be cured
after it’s properly diagnosed. It is not these statements which are
offensive. What is offensive is committing pathological, perverted acts
in the name of “love.” What is offensive is a long, cruel, extremely
painful and humiliating death with no possible hope of any cure. Death
and disease are offensive — not words.

Each of us then, must face this situation soberly and honestly.
Not as an observer, but as a participant. Ultimately, as we each
come to know someone dying of AIDS–and this will happen–we will be
forced to deal with this crisis on a personal level. If that prospect
seems painful, remember, what is at stake is the very foundation of our
society, as well as the physical continuation of the species. As Dr
James Slaff of the National Institutes Of Health says in his book, The
AIDS Epidemic; “The alarm must be sounded loudly and persuasively. The
AIDS virus may be to the 20th century what the Black Plague was to the
14th century. We are on a crash course with reality. This is not a
practice run.”

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