Everyone I know who is serious about preparing for Y2K has a series of
checklists. There is so much to do, there is simply no way to get it done
without an action plan and, specifically, a checklist or two. If you’ve read
my book, The Y2K Personal Survival Guide, you
know that I included five different checklists: one each for 72-hours, one
week, one month, three months, and one year. Each checklist builds on the
previous one.

For the last many months, the Y2K story has been placed on the
backburner. Most of the news about Y2K is positive. Despite some negative
reports in recent news, it seems that the public has gone to sleep on Y2K. I
think that will all change very soon. Perhaps in the next few weeks. When it
does, more and more people will begin preparing – “just in case.”

The bottom line is that if demand for certain items rises sharply, there
will be shortages. Some items will be impossible to get at any price.

I would strongly suggest that you go back through your checklists. Place
a checkmark beside any item you think might become scarce – or expensive – if
demand rises suddenly. Make it a priority to get those items now, while you
still can. This is what Gail and I are doing, and I would encourage you to
do the same.

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