Saturday last, a whole bunch of people were anxiously awaiting C-Span
to broadcast the “Citizens Summit to End the Illegal Operations of the
IRS.” Hard to fit on a business card, but although you did not see it
as promised, it DID take place at the National Press Club in Washington

Why was it dropped? A lot of people would like to know. Some are
claiming C-Span was paid NOT to air the controversial anti-tax summit.

Conventional wisdom from the establishment has been to undermine the
credibility of tax protesters. Call them names, guffaw at their claims,
and relegate them to the radical right-wing wacko fringe. However, this
group of experts has routinely and consistently proven their allegedly
outlandish claims, and mainstream tactics have been failing to quiet the

I know several of the participants and have interviewed most of them
on my radio talk show. Bill Benson, author of “The Law that Never Was”
not only has documented the illegal implementation of the income tax,
but he has also been offered money to turn over his documents and be
quiet. Joe Banister, is a former IRS special agent (“badge carrying,
gun carrying agent”) tells how he personally had asked the IRS (for
whom he worked) to show him the statutes which make an American liable
for the income tax. Since it was his job to enforce the law, he kinda
wanted to see it. He never got a response. He was subsequently let go
from the agency. I have always felt tangentially responsible since he
had his own personal epiphany after researching material he had heard
discussed on my program. (WorldNetDaily has written about his

Constitutional lawyer Larry Becraft has a wealth of documentation
supporting the group’s claims, which the mainstream has assiduously

The C-Span scheduling change has prompted considerable confusion,
disappointment, and anger — specifically because C-Span management had
already established not only the precedent of airing seminars from the
organizing group (We the People) which had put on a similar tax summit
previously this year, also at the National Press Club. The first summit
was covered from introduction to the end by C-Span. Additionally, it
was shown several times. First it was aired live, and then it was
re-run several times after that the subsequent week. This summit is
larger and better organized. C-Span normally covers events of national
interest held at the National Press Club headquarters.

Why would C-Span, in the wake of cultivating a reputation for
non-partisan candor fold on this one? It certainly wasn’t any
programming imperative. Instead of the promised tax protester live
speeches, C-Span ran a re-run of a Books Notes show. When they ran the
first event it proved to be a huge success. Reportedly, it had been the
most often requested tape ordered from C-Span. It was apparently both
an audience success AND a financial success in that it generated
considerable tape sales. So why would they cancel the sequel with the
original cast?

At the first summit (the one C-Span DID air), Bill Benson, discussed
his book “The Law That Never Was,” in which he proves beyond a shadow of
doubt that the 16th Amendment was never properly ratified by the states.
That really wasn’t too earthshaking since Benson has been sharing his
work for years. I first interviewed him on the air with his
documentation in 1992. However, during his presentation, Benson noted
that several years ago, shortly after he completed his research into the
non-ratification of the 16th Amendment, he was offered a very large
sum of money by a presidential candidate to not make the information
public for fear it would destroy the entire tax system.

Bill did not, however (during the first broadcast summit), name the
former presidential candidate. It was expected that Saturday the name
would be released … and it was. According to Benson, Orrin Hatch had
offered him a large sum of money for all the original documentation of
his work proving the 16th Amendment had never been ratified by the

Since Bill Benson has proven himself to be too principled to be
bought off to suppress information the establishment claims is specious,
maybe the would-be controllers could have better luck with the event

Allegedly, the We the People promoter, Bob Scultz was offered a
five-figure bribe by a “leading presidential candidate” to NOT hold the
event or get it on C-Span. Scultz said “An official attempt by a
leading, currently-sitting U.S. Senator to pay to have the evidence
suppressed, to avoid publication and to maintain secrecy has been
exposed at this meeting this day.”

Excuse me? Why pussy-foot around Bob? Why not just come out and say
who the “currently-sitting U.S. Senator” is? Come on pal, is it or
isn’t it John McCain? You did say “currently sitting U.S. Senator,” AND
one that is a “leading presidential candidate.” Is there another one
other than McCain I missed?

This is outrageous! The emperor has no clothes! It is long beyond
time to resolve this controversy. I’ve told Benson, Banister, Becraft
and others that, notwithstanding the academic argument (which, by the
way, they win). Congress could and arguably should or shouldn’t admit
what Benson has proven, and (like when the ground ball rolled under Mrs.
Leonardo’s front porch) have a “do-over.”

“Mr. Speaker, in the wake of congressional analysis of the scholarly
work of Mr. Benson, it has been determined that the 16th Amendment was
not properly ratified. In order to correct this procedural oversight,
we recommend the states re-ratify the amendment in order to ensure the
expeditious maintenance of federal revenues … yada, yada, yada.”

But THAT speech will never happen. For two reasons: 1) government
appears incapable of admitting error (Tuskeegee, Agent Orange, Gulf War
Syndrome, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, TWA 800 et al.); and 2) the
inimitable fear that, if presented to the states, the states might not
ratify the unholy tax. Remember, when first proposed the income tax was
a “mere” 1 percent. Hell, even the most radical tax protester could
probably be bought off with a “mere” 1 percent.

However, as with ANY form of control: gun control, tax control,
anti-trust control, union control, birth control, or information
control, the qualifier is insignificant. It is, and always has been
about CONTROL.

The framers established the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to
control government. Sadly, we have permitted those who should and could
be controlled to turn the tables and reverse roles. We need to fix
that. And C-Span needs to either admit they have allowed themselves to
become a tool of the government information cabal which allows them to
maintain their fiction of non-partisan objectivity, or they need to
provide their audience with what is wanted and needed, and not what is
permitted or allowed.

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