Clinton administration officials have done their best to discredit
the warnings of Admiral Thomas Moorer, the former chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff, who has blown the whistle on their cozy relations with
the Chinese and their plans to hand over the Panama Canal to a hostile
foreign power.

If the White House is good at anything it is throwing mud, soiling
other people’s reputations, hurling insults and personal attacks and
using all the power of the federal government to impose its will on

Therefore, I want to stand up today in support of Admiral Moorer — a
man of courage, integrity and insight.

But, more than that, let’s look at the man’s track record of
prognostication. He was the first to warn the nation that the canal
would be, in effect, turned over to the control of the Chinese military
in the form of a “private company” run by the People’s Liberation Army.

He did it right here in the pages of WorldNetDaily
and in testimony before Congress.

This week, President Clinton finally admitted
what he had long denied — that, indeed, the Chinese would be “running”
the operations of the Panama Canal come Jan. 1, unless the Congress of
the United States does something about it in the next 30 days.

But this was hardly the first time Moorer’s warnings proved to be
right on target. In that same article in WorldNetDaily way back on Oct.
19, 1998, he gave us another startling prediction: “Moorer revealed that
Kosovo would be the next peace-keeping operation according to his
Pentagon sources.”

Does this sound like the silly, conspiratorial nutcase the White
House describes in dismissing the warnings of Thomas Moorer and others?
The man’s been right time and again. He knows what he’s talking about.
This was a guy entrusted with the defense of the United States in a more
responsible prior administration. He is hardly Dr. Strangelove.

Furthermore, what Moorer has told us about the canal and its
strategic value is just plain common sense. It’s time to listen to him
— before it’s too late.

Here’s what we need to do:

  • Renounce the Panama Canal treaties: The fact is that the
    United States and the government of Panama did not ratify the same text.
    Therefore, there is no agreement between the two nations. To secure
    approval by the U.S. Senate, President Carter agreed to add what is
    known as the DeConcini Reservation, which gave the U.S. the unilateral
    authority to intervene in Panama if the canal is threatened in any way.
    But Panama ratified the treaty without the DeConcini Reservation. Have
    you ever signed a contract with someone who signed a different version?
    It’s invalid. A first-year law student could tell you that. There are
    other reasons the treaty never should have been negotiated, ratified and
    implemented, but this “loophole” is big enough to sail an aircraft
    carrier through.

  • Demand that Panama nullify the lease agreements granted to the
    Chinese and initiate a new, open and fair bidding process:
    Hutchison-Whampoa, the Chinese military front outfit, “won” the contract
    only because bidding was rigged. This is a “company” with ties to
    Mochtar Riady and other Chinese operatives who apparently own Clinton
    lock, stock and barrel through illicit campaign contributions and hush
    money paid to cronies such as Webb Hubbell. Is Congress really prepared
    to sell out American security for this Manchurian President?

Only Congress can act now. Demand that your senators and
perform their duty and
honor their constitutional responsibilities.

Remember another warning that Admiral Moorer gave us about the Panama
Canal: “We are on what I consider to be a collision course with disaster
in the very near future. … I truly can’t remember a time when I have
been more concerned about the security of the country.”

Of course, there was a time when America was as vulnerable as it is
today — with nonsensical far-flung military commitments around the
world and far too little in the way of strategic assets to meet them.
That time was just prior to Dec. 7, 1941. Does that give you any
comfort? Remember, Bill Delano Clinton is not scheduled to leave office
for more than another year.

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