Franklin Delano Roosevelt told Americans they had nothing to fear but
fear itself.

I’m sure that little white lie comforted many in a time when they
actually had much more to fear than fear itself.

I’m reminded of that famous quote as we plunge into the great unknown
of Y2K. What do we have to fear today?

Are the lights going to go out? Will 911 work? Will the telephone
system go down? Are terrorists going to strike? Will there be a nuclear
launch? Can we expect the banks to open? Will there be gas lines? Food
lines? Riots?

These are some of the questions people are asking today. Never before
in American history has every emergency system been fully operational
and on alert. No one really knows what to expect. After years of
repairs, testing and debate, the fact is that your guess is as good as
mine about what will happen as the time change occurs shortly after this
column is posted.

What do we have to fear? So far, it doesn’t look like Americans are
panicking. It doesn’t even look like most have prepared for the unknown,
despite veiled warnings from every level of government.

Maybe the rollover will amount to a big nothing. That is entirely
possible. It might result in some minor inconveniences and a good laugh
for everyone. Let’s hope so. Maybe tonight can be a big party night.
Perhaps it will be the kind of non-event that allows us to reminisce
about the 1900s and look forward to the 2000s.

On the other hand, no one is ruling out the possibility of chaos
breaking out at the stroke of midnight. There are serious questions
about our basic societal infrastructure breaking down. Pretty exciting.
Pretty scary.

There’s never been a time like this in the history of mankind — and
that includes the changeover to the year 1000.

Whatever happens, I invite you to find out about it right here — on
WorldNetDaily. We’ll be on top of the most significant developments
tonight, tomorrow and throughout the new year. Our reporting staff is
mobilized. Our editors are ready to bring you up-to-the-minute breaking
news. And our radio partners will help
us provide a multimedia approach to coverage.

We also invite you to be a part of our coverage. Keep us posted on
important developments in your community by e-mailing us or calling us toll-free at 1-877-318-1776. Battle
station WorldNetDaily will be manned 24 hours a day throughout the

In other words, you don’t need CNN. You don’t need MSNBC. You don’t
need Dan Rather. This is where it’s at for Y2K coverage, and, for that
matter, all your news needs for the new millennium.

So what do we expect? Who knows? But we’ll be prepared for the worst
and hopeful for the best.

What do we have to fear? I don’t believe it’s fear itself. I’ve said
it before and I’ll say it again and again: Americans need to develop a
healthy fear not of the unknown, but of authority.

There are two kinds of authority we should fear. There’s the
legitimate, ultimate authority of God, which we are commanded to fear,
in the sense of reverence and honor. Then there’s the often illegitimate
authority of government, which we should learn to fear in the same sense
that we fear an armed intruder determined to take our life, liberty and

That’s just what government has become — a thief who uses armed
force to coerce us to give up our rights, our freedom and our property.

Unrighteous, illegitimate government is not our friend. It is the
enemy of freedom. This is particularly true in times of “emergency.”

The biggest threat we face in the coming days and the coming years
remains a government hell-bent on control of the population rather than
safeguarding the rights of individuals. Y2K, I fear, presents the
government with a unique and ominous opportunity to snuff out the flame
of freedom.

Be prepared. Be vigilant. Be strong. Keep your heads. Don’t panic.
And maybe we’ll all be able to enjoy a happy new year.

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