I guess it shouldn’t surprise us that the Clinton administration is
attacking the gun industry anew — this time threatening to sue the
manufacturers for all the gun violence at government-financed housing
projects. The thinking defies logic; most of these places have
never been what I would call “safe,” because — unfortunately —
they have always attracted some of the worst elements.

But rather than take any personal responsibility for the failure to
make government housing complexes safer, Clinton is blaming gun makers
— a sentiment echoed by his cadre of spokesmen-stooges from the various
official government agencies. He’s not blaming HUD Secretary Donna
Shalala or the vast core of federal bureaucracies that oversee and
“manage” these facilities, mind you. He’s blaming Colt’s, Smith &
Wesson, and that little gun maker down the road who builds and sells
perhaps as few as 100 guns a year.

Yes, it’s quite a stretch — even for this administration. But now
Americans can rest assured that once the government joins the various
municipal lawsuits against the gun industry for their failure to
make our streets safe, these dangerous housing projects will
suddenly be transformed into utopian gardens of paradise.

You believe that one, right?

What this amounts to is that Clinton is blaming the gun makers for
the failure of liberal big government. A new wrinkle, indeed, but a
typical progression of the same kind of blame game for which
liberal/socialists are infamous.

On the one hand the Clintonites have spent nearly eight years trying
to convince us that their big government policies are the only ones that
will achieve this fantasy utopian society they envision. With lots of
Republican help, Clinton and Co. have been able to advance a purely
socialist agenda in this country for nearly a decade now.

On the other hand, however, is the ever-present condition of reality.

There is little proof that any so-called “big government”
program is successful. Most are leviathan boondoggles that are rife with
favoritism, corruption, and mismanagement. HUD’s array of urban sewers
posing as housing projects are a major example of government fraud,
abuse and failure. Remember — these little Valhallan bastions
were largely the creation of another liberal socialist, Lyndon Baines
Johnson, whose “War on Poverty” has rarely seen a victory. But it has
produced lots of casualties — generations of them, in fact.

I weep for anyone who is unfortunate enough to have to live in those
urban toilets under the false government promise of a “better life.”
But frankly, you could eliminate every gun from every housing project
tomorrow and still see no real improvement in the quality of life at
these places. They’re just not set up to succeed.

It is a joke to suggest that suing gun companies will end the abject
poverty, illiteracy, illegitimacy and squalor that is inherent in
virtually all of these projects. After all, haven’t the Clintons of the
country been promising these people similar results for years? Where
are those results, and why hasn’t “big government” managed to solve them

If the government truly wants to “protect” these communities, they
should get out of the landlord business and dump this “cradle to grave”
mentality. Empowered people who have been raised to fend for
themselves, create their own opportunities, and value their
accomplishments (and their own lives) don’t live in dangerous places.

Guns are now being blamed for the failure of the welfare state and
big government. And you thought you had heard it all by now, didn’t

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