When you’re down and out and your future looks bleak, sometimes
people will defiantly claim, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!”
Thanks to the Clinton administration’s pitiful record of protecting our
most precious nuclear weapons secrets, one day soon a Chinese “fat lady”
will sing, and that will be all she wrote.

As reported first by the New York Times and then by
WorldTribune.com, over the weekend,
former Los Alamos scientist Wen Ho Lee was finally indicted and arrested
for — among other things — spying his little rear end off for the
Chinese government. This act of espionage took place over — at least
— the past decade.

What finally triggered his arrest, according to press reports, was
the discovery that Lee had copied voluminous amounts of secrets about
“every nuclear warhead in the U.S. arsenal” onto a series of cassette
tapes — the kind used for backing up computer data. The FBI believes
several such tapes were made but can only locate three of them at the
present time.

My guess is the rest of them are in Peking, but that’s neither here
nor there. Most people who were intelligent enough to realize long ago
that the Clinton administration had traded our national security for a
measly few hundred thousand dollars in campaign donations know where
those tapes — and the rest of the stolen nuclear weapons data — are
located right now. All of it in its various forms is — at this moment
— in the hands of Chinese nuclear weapons designers, engineers and
scientists who are busily developing Peking’s next generation of
offensive nuclear weapons.

Rest assured that much of the stolen information will end up in
Moscow eventually, as well as a host of other rogue nuclear and emerging
nuclear powers. Like President Clinton and the Democratic National
Committee, China will sell anything (or sell anyone out) for a buck.

To say that somebody should hang for this most egregious violation of
the future security of nearly 265 million Americans is an
understatement. In fact, after tracking this long and sordid affair for
the past several years, I wonder now if there is enough rope to hang all
of the guilty parties. But we ought to try anyway.

That’s because it’s no longer a question of “if” or “in what amount”
U.S. nuclear secrets were stolen. Even establishment news agencies have
concluded that the information has been stolen, and there is precious
little left.

Furthermore, everyone on Capitol Hill knows that the Clinton
administration has systematically taken it easy on the principal thief
— China — because that country’s ruling elite owns him. As
reported in the pages of WorldNetDaily, these are now known facts

— it should matter little to you how many times White House spokesman
Joe Lockhart, the Justice Department or members of Congress deny it. The
day we find out these people have been lying to us could well be our
last day on earth as Chinese (and other enemy) missiles come crashing
down on U.S. cities.

What people in this administration don’t seem to realize is that the
Chinese don’t care one whit about them anymore than they do for ordinary
Americans. To them, all of us are pond scum and we all represent an
identical threat. That’s not true, of course, but you cannot convince
paranoid leaders that is so when your own government arbitrarily bombs
sovereign countries and interferes in the internal affairs of dozens of
other nations whenever the notion strikes them.

One other thing Americans should realize is that the administration’s
portrayal of a “strengthening of ties between the U.S. and China” has
been a ruse, nothing more. It was masterful cover for a belligerent
foreign power hungry for technology they themselves could never match on
their own. If you doubt this, recall famous Chinese philosopher Sun
Tzu’s mantra: “All war is deception.” He wrote that over 2,400 years

North Korea, Iran, Syria,
and other countries will also reap the benefits of all this Chinese
espionage because Peking will — eventually — sell this information to
them. Count on it; in fact, it has already happened many times.

So, even though next year — or the year after or even the year after
that — Americans may not see massive amounts of new Chinese ICBM’s
being deployed and aimed at the largest U.S. cities, make no mistake,
the day will come.
And we can all thank William Jefferson Clinton for the new threat,
because he systematically opened the doors for all of this theft to
occur. He has numerous co-conspirators, especially in Congress.

The Chinese fat lady is singing. Soon the din of her voice will be
heard all across the country.

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