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WND introduces WorldNet

WorldNetDaily is launching its monthly magazine, WorldNet,
starting in January 2000.

“We’ve designed WorldNet as the perfect companion for readers of our
WorldNetDaily.com daily newspaper,” said WorldNet founder and Editor
Joseph Farah. “It contains some of the most compelling articles readers
will ever encounter, and provides a unique look at the world that is
informative and highly thought-provoking.”

WorldNet has evolved from the long-popular monthly magazine published
by WorldNetDaily called Dispatches. As with Dispatches, WorldNet readers
will be treated to vital news gleaned from the far corners of the earth,
and not available anywhere on the Internet.

Each issue of WorldNet Magazine will feature:

“WorldNet Magazine is growing, just like WorldNetDaily.com,”
said Farah. “The transition from Dispatches to WorldNet is just the
first step. We’re really excited about the potential for growth, and
expect to incorporate new features and sections in the future. It’s a
unique magazine, unlike any other monthly. WND readers really should
check it out.”

Subscribe to WorldNet Magazine by visiting WND’s online store or by
calling toll-free 1-877-909-1776.