WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah announces the debut of the
independent Internet newspaper’s newest interactive forum —
“Operation Spike” — a unique opportunity for
readers to help bring more attention to news stories under-reported by
the establishment press.

“About this time of the year, the establishment media begin reminding
us all of what they consider to be the biggest stories of the year,”
explains Farah. “Of more value, believes, is a
discussion of the most buried, the most uncovered stories of the year
— the unreported, under-reported world and national developments.”

Which stories do you believe got the “spike” from the corporate,
establishment press during 1999?

“We invite you, readers, to participate in this
lively and engaging forum — and shed a little light on 1999’s most
under-reported stories,” says Farah.

All of the suggestions from readers will be evaluated by
WorldNetDaily editors and the very best will be made available in a Top
10-style report in the New Year’s Eve edition.

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