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Forbes: Chinese bought Clinton, Gore

Editor’s note: Best known for his stand on domestic issues such as
abolishing the IRS and instituting a flat tax, Republican presidential
candidate Steve Forbes, in this exclusive WorldNetDaily interview,
boldly attacks the weaknesses of his opponents and corruption within the
Clinton administration.

By Charles Smith

© 1999 WorldNetDaily.com

WND’s Charles Smith interviews Steve Forbes at the presidential candidate’s Alexandria, Va. headquarters.

“Clearly, President Clinton and Vice President Gore are not
telling the American people the truth about their relationship with
Communist China,” stressed Republican presidential candidate Steve
Forbes, in an exclusive interview with WorldNetDaily.

“We all know why,” he continued. “You can see it in how they react,
such as the Hong Kong company Hutchison Whampoa that got the concession
on both sides of the canal. The same company was involved in California
with the U.S. Naval base at Long Beach.

Not to mention the way they blindly allowed our nuclear secrets to be
stolen. I think there, the (Clinton/Gore) administration did not think
that keeping secrets was all that important.” WorldNetDaily spoke to
Forbes in his Alexandria, Va. Headquarters Thursday.

Addressing the issue of the imminent turnover of the Panama

and of Communist China’s de facto operational control over it by way of
the Hong Kong-based Hutchison Whampoa company which controls the canal’s
Atlantic and Pacific ports, Forbes offered a unique proposal.

Referring to Hutchison Whampoa, Forbes stated, “I do know they have
relations with the Beijing government
even though they vigorously deny it, and say they are independent. So
why take the risk of allowing them to control the canal, since the
letting of the contracts raised so many questions on corruption?”

“I think we can approach Panama and get a legitimate company in there
under a fair contract. This would allow the Panamanian government to
throw Hutchison out without any diplomatic problems or loss of face,”
suggested the candidate.

When WorldNetDaily showed Forbes copies of Clinton/Gore
administration documents showing Chinese air force officers were briefed
by the U.S. Air Force on “bombing and strafing” exercises under the
guise of commercial air-traffic training — he wasn’t surprised.

Would a Forbes administration train or assist the Chinese army in
things like “combat readiness” or “bombing and strafing”?

“No,” replied Forbes, shaking his head. “No way.”

Forbes noted that real commercial airlines are not interested in
“combat readiness.” “The airlines are only interested in doing combat
against their paying customers,” he quipped with a smile.

WorldNetDaily supplied the same documents
— which were obtained from the Clinton/Gore administration by a Freedom
of Information Act request — to the Bush campaign, the McCain campaign
and the Bradley campaign. To date, none have expressed an interested in
commenting on the contents of the documents.

“I am not surprised,” stated Forbes. “No one has put the heat on
them. The mainstream media does not cover this topic because it’s
beneath their dignity.”

The Clinton/Gore administration is leaving an historic legacy that
the next president will have to work hard to avoid, said Forbes. When
shown an official Democratic Party photograph of President Clinton,
Hillary Clinton and Ng Lapseng, a Macau millionaire whose main business
is a hostess service of brothels in Asia, Forbes reacted instantly:

“We won’t turn the Lincoln bedroom into a brothel,” he pledged,
clearly poking fun at Gore.

Documents provided by a lawsuit in federal court show that many of
the activities associated with the “Chinagate” scandal occurred inside
the Clinton Commerce Department. In addition, the Senate Commerce
Committee, chaired by Sen. John McCain, R.-Ariz., has oversight
responsibility for the government agency. What would a President Forbes
do with the current Commerce Department?

“I would like to close the place down,” said Forbes. “I’d take the
weather service and privatize it, but that’s about it. Move the export
controls back to where they should be, at State and the Defense
Department. U.S. companies can do a better job promoting exports by

Chinese army-owned companies, however, better beware, according to
Forbes. In 1998, Congress passed a law requiring the president to
identify all known Chinese army-owned companies operating in America.
President Clinton has ignored that law. Forbes says his administration
would follow the law and identify those Chinese military companies.

“The Chinese army is buying itself cover with the Clinton
administration,” said Forbes. “The PLA indicates that they don’t own
these companies anymore, but they have them and we know it. If the
Chinese are, as the intelligence reports suggest, passing missile
technology to North Korea, then we should take some of these owned PLA
companies and put sanctions on them.”

According to Forbes, the Department of Justice and Attorney General
Janet Reno simply are not investigating the Clinton/Gore
administration’s role in the Chinagate scandal. Forbes noted that he
would rebuild the Department of Justice.

“One of the key things I would do as president is to restore
integrity and professionalism in the Justice Department,” stated
Forbes. “I would make some major changes at Justice.”

WND questioned Forbes about Russia’s war in Chechnya, and also about
corruption allegations involving Russia, the Clinton administration and
billions of dollars in International Monetary Fund money. To begin
with, Forbes stated his deepest concern regarding Russia is not the war,
nor the corrupt leadership, but the working people in Russia.

“I have always advocated cutting off all aid to Russia until they
become current in paying their own workers,” stated Forbes. “The Russian
worker is shorted in his monthly pay. It’s a new system of serfdom.
It’s not a lack of money. It’s that the kleptocrats in Moscow are
stealing everything they can get.”

“The Russians are playing oil games with their war in the south,”
continued Forbes. “It’s not a government like your normal European
government. We can’t have this ruling elite while the rest of the
country is declining. The people are suffering and impoverished. Don’t
expect this sort of thing to go on forever. It’s a world unto itself and
I fear that some day we may get another revolution there.”

Regarding the IMF bank scandal, Forbes asserted, “Clearly, Al Gore
knew about the IMF bank corruption in Russia and did not want to hear
about it. I don’t see why we should be subsidizing foreign banks or
Riviera real estate — which is where I understand the Russians stashed
most of the money.”

One new domestic policy that Steve Forbes has brought to the campaign
front is personal privacy. Forbes stated that he supports electronic
privacy legislation such as the ‘SAFE’ act, sponsored by Rep. Bob
Goodlatte, R.-Va.

In contrast, both Gore and Republican opponent McCain have openly
supported the concept of “key escrow” — giving the government access to
individual computer “keys” in order to enable the monitoring of all
domestic phone, facsimile and computer communications.

In 1998, McCain co-sponsored “pro-code” legislation with Senator
Patrick Leahy, D.-Vt., that would have established a large “key-escrow”
system for computer security software.

Gore has also thrown support in the past to government access to
phone and computer communications. A 1993 Department of Justice memo to
then-Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell noted Vice President
Gore would “chair” a meeting on the “Clipper” project. Justice documents
show that the “Clipper” chip
contained a secret “exploitable feature” which would allow the
government to monitor telephones and computers. According to the
Hubbell memo, the “FBI, NSA and NSC want to push legislation which would
require all government agencies and eventually everyone in the U.S. to
use” the Clipper chip.

“You know Al Gore and his inventions,” stated Forbes. “It will be
years before we get the true information from the Justice Department on
Hubbell and Gore. However, the world is not going to stop. We should
be in the lead, ahead of the rest of the world in technology and not
behind it.”

“Electronic privacy should be the same as your mail,” concluded
Forbes. “You don’t have to keep it open so that everyone can read it.
Strong encryption software is freely available overseas. The bad guys
are always going to use it. So why punish the innocent many over the
actions of a guilty few?”