Two years after three homosexual couples applied for marriage
licenses in Vermont, the state Supreme Court has now ruled that
homosexual couples are entitled to the same benefits as heterosexual
couples. The Vermont justices did not endorse the legalization of
marriage, choosing instead to give the state legislature the option of
determining the legality of homosexual marriage. However, many
individuals — including me — see this decision as opening the door to
the ultimate annihilation of the traditional view of marriage that has
defined Western civilization.

“The laudable governmental goal of promoting a commitment between
married couples … provides no reasonable basis for denying the legal
benefits and protections of marriage to the same-sex couples, who are no
differently situated with respect to this goal than their opposite-sex
counterparts,” the court majority determined.

This decision is a continuation of an ongoing battle to eradicate the
impact of traditional Judeo-Christian morality from our nation’s legal
and social doctrines. Thankfully, 30 states have now passed laws
protecting traditional marriage. Nevertheless, homosexual activists are
keen on winning a marriage battle in one of the remaining states, and
Vermont looks to be fertile ground for such a battle.

I fully agree with Rita Thompson of Concerned Women for America who
stated, “This Court’s attempts to corrupt the sanctity of marriage, and
to damage a foundational element of our society, is wrong.”

M. Stanton Evans, in his classic book, “The Theme Is Freedom,”
detailed the gullible reasoning behind these types of decisions.
Describing adversaries of traditional beliefs, he wrote, “If belief in
religious absolutes implies repression, it follows that denial of such
absolutes will lead to freedom. A stance of moral relativism is
accordingly viewed as the proper outlook for a free society. No
concept, indeed, is more pronounced in modern thinking. We see it daily
in talk of pluralism, diversity, and alternative lifestyles, held out as
guidelines for our conduct. The supposed lesson is that there are no
universals, that one
opinion is as good as the next, that nobody can say for sure that one
point of view is right and another mistaken.”

This value-free approach to life is nothing more than a glossing over
of the 1970s tactic of “If it feels good, do it.” It is tragically
flawed logic that leads to ultimate moral collapse. A nation without
standards of behavior simply cannot prosper.

This calls to mind the biblical passage of Judges 21:25, which
recounts a time in the history of Israel when “everyone did what was
right in his own eyes.” As a result of this moral ambiguity, we read
that the children of Israel “turned quickly from the way in which their
fathers walked, in obeying the commandments of the Lord. …” As a
result of this defiance of God’s laws, Israel suffered great oppression
and anguish.

And yet, God’s love for Israel — his chosen people — was never
quenched and we read how great victory came to pass when the nation
returned to the ways of God.

I believe America, also a nation greatly blessed by God, is in
similar straits. We, as a nation, have strayed far from the
Judeo-Christian guiding principles that were established by our Founding

The Founders were insightful men. They implicitly understood the
need for the nation to adopt godly pursuits in the experiment of freedom
and democracy. And God truly shed His grace on this nation as a result
of the acknowledgment these men gave to Him in designing the laws of our

However, like Israel of old, we have lost sight of our original
aspirations. With freedom, there must also be meticulous attentiveness
to protecting the morality and principles of the land. Freedom does
not, as I am afraid many believe, give us the right to do what is right
in our own eyes.

And yet, here we stand today with the possibility of determining that
traditional marriage is wrong. This is an affront to the founding
principles of our nation. While I do not believe that homosexuality is
single-handedly destroying our nation, I do believe it is part of an
assault on the morality that once defined this land. Today,
extra-marital and pre-marital sex among heterosexuals is also a tragic
epidemic. And untold numbers of children are being sexually abused by
wicked adults. In addition, the extermination of millions of unborn
children each year is a blight upon our nation. And pornography is
today a multi-million dollar pursuit. This is not the land of the free
and the home of the brave once envisioned by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin
Franklin and their counterparts.

In 1790, John Philpot Curran noted in his “Speech upon the Right of
Election” that “It is the common fate of the indolent to see their
rights become a prey to the active. The condition upon which God hath
given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break,
servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of
his guilt.”

Let us rekindle our vigilance in boldly combating the opposition to
the traditional morality that has defined our nation from its
inception. I believe conservative Americans are a slumbering giant that
needs to swiftly reawaken and reclaim the lead in defining our future.
If we remain in our present lethargic state, I truly fear for the future
of America.

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