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Judicial Watch's top-10 wish list for 2000

As the world enters a new millennium (God willing, given Y2K and the
threat of terrorism), Judicial Watch
reflects on its five-and-one-half-year history and success in fighting
corruption in government. However, it recognizes that much work needs to
be done, principally bringing a dishonest and criminal Clinton
administration to justice, where Congress and the Justice Department
have either abdicated or obstructed their duties and responsibilities.
If this cannot be accomplished, a dangerous precedent will be set for
future generations: that the ruling political class is above the law,
and our universally accepted Judeo-Christian principles, embodied in the
Ten Commandments, have been trashed for evermore — to the detriment, if
not collapse, of our great country.

Wish One: That judges will come forth and make decisions, free
from fear, politics, or posturing, and hold Bill and Hillary Clinton —
and their minions — personally accountable for the violation of
privacy, bribery, theft and, yes, the treason they have perpetrated on
the American people. The future of the country rests with these
judges. They are the only remaining hope to restore justice to the

Wish Two: That Congress will abandon its penultimate desire to
be reelected and start representing the interests of the American
people, rather than mostly itself.

Wish Three: That news channels will be born that speak to
conservatives as well as all interests, rather than pander either to the
left, or cover-up the truth on behalf of the establishment. In this
way, the American people can be properly educated on the need for values
in its public officials.

Wish Four: That the privacy rights of all Americans will be
respected, free from the government keeping and misusing FBI and other
confidential files and databases against its citizens to silence them.

Wish Five: That never again will taxpayer-financed services —
such as seats on overseas trade missions, high-technology export
licenses, rides on Air Force One, events at Buddhist temples, overnight
stays in the White House and other perks — be sold for political
campaign contributions.

Wish Six: That never again will a government look the other
way as agents of espionage, from a foreign power that has donated huge
sums of money to the ruling political party, rob our nation of vital
national security secrets, threatening the lives of all Americans.

Wish Seven: That never again will women or men be abused,
threatened and prosecuted to protect the president of the United States,
or any government official, from scrutiny for his or her immoral,
unethical and illegal acts.

Wish Eight: That never again will the people of the United
States be repeatedly lied to and deceived by their president and his or
her spouse.

Wish Nine: That never again will private investigators be
hired by the president and his or her spouse, or any public official, to
spy on U.S. citizens.

Wish Ten: That a president will come forth who not only is
intellectually up to the task of presiding over our great nation, but
who has the moral and ethical character to lead us into the 21st century
and to restore this country to greatness so that it may continue to be
the guiding light of the world.

God bless the United States of America.