The Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago —
representing dozens of denominations — has formally told the
15-million-member Southern Baptist Convention to stay home, and not to
bring the 100,000 Baptists to Chicago next summer, out of fear that the
Baptists’ presence will lead to the commission of “hate crimes.”

What are we to make of this?

First, let’s be crystal clear: “Hate crimes” are designed from the
get-go to penalize nothing more nor less than a person’s thoughts and
beliefs. After all, the “crime” part of “hate crimes” — like murder,
assault, battery — are already illegal. It’s the “hate” part of “hate
crimes” that demands increased penalties because of the beliefs and
feelings of the perpetrator.

Aside from the insane notion that “ordinary” crimes — such as the
brutal rape and murder of little girls that occur daily — don’t qualify
as “hate crimes,” the fact is, the whole idea of “hate crimes”
legislation has its roots in the long-term plans of activist homosexual
organizations to coerce the rest of the world into accepting and
embracing the homosexual lifestyle.

But the real target of this movement is the non-crime “hate crime.”
That’s what “hate crime” laws, and the political movement that spawned
them, are really after — the “crime” of making people feel bad, of
“intimidation,” of criticizing others.

Standing inside your own church and saying, “The Bible teaches that
homosexuality is a sin,” is now considered a hate crime by some.

Chicago’s Methodist Bishop C. Joseph Sprague told WorldNetDaily that preaching against homosexuality “certainly can” be considered a
hate crime.
creates a climate in which hate can fester,” said the good Bishop.

There is a big problem here.

Evangelical Christians — and more Americans claim this label than
any other — are called “evangelical” because their religious worldview
impresses on them the need to “evangelize.”

Christians believe that mankind is “born in sin,” that is, of the
lineage of Adam and Eve, and that mankind has need of something called

Christians also believe the Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God
and that salvation comes through a process of repentance, or regret and
turning away from one’s former sins, and consciously giving one’s life
over to God — a mystical act made possible by the substitutionary death
of Jesus 2,000 years ago.

Now, here’s the part causing all these problems. Christians believe
that the Scriptures as laid down by the Hebrew patriarchs and recorded
in the Old Testament — and as reiterated largely intact in the New
Testament — constitute the objective and immutable standard by which
morality, sexual or otherwise, should be measured. And they believe
that sex, other than monogamous, heterosexual sex within the confines of
holy matrimony, is immoral and sinful.

If you remove that — all that stuff in the last paragraph — from
Christianity, you destroy the religion. For Christians, you are
literally perverting God’s law.

However, let’s now take this beyond the comfortable pluralistic realm
of “what Christians believe.”

I just know some of you will hate reading this.

Historically, when the cultural condemnation — not hatred — of
homosexual behavior has eroded to the point that homosexuality has been
accepted and widely practiced as though it were normal, that culture has
either fizzled out, or changed dramatically for the worse.

In fact, what we call the Judeo-Christian tradition and its values
have guided Western Civilization for thousands of years. It is only in
this, the last half of the 20th century, that the social experimenters
have seen fit to throw into the rubbish heap the values proven in the
laboratory of thousands of years of history, in favor of a set of wildly
unproven ethics, including “sexual freedom,” homosexual marriage and
adoption rights, and a multitude of attacks on the traditional family.

So now let’s come back to the religion — actually religions, Judaism
and Christianity — that have provided the beacon for this present
American civilization, with all the freedoms and abundance that we enjoy
and take so miserably for granted today.

This religion is about to be silenced, if the haters of traditional
morality have their way.

Think about this.

It is a psychological fact that if you criticize a person for
something he’s done wrong, but that person is not willing to face his
offence, then he will find fault with you, the messenger. Our president
has perfected this “attack the messenger” technique.

The most important reason for freedom of speech in America has always
been to preserve the right to speak the truth. True, we hear more about
First Amendment rights when malcontents want to burn or trample or
urinate on the flag or make some other over-the-edge “statement.” But
the real reason for the First Amendment is to preserve the right to
speak the truth — for instance, to criticize the government, hold it

You might say, well, I thought it was to protect the most unpopular
voices in our society. Exactly, and what is more unpopular than the

After all, if you’re standing in an airport and are approached by a
shaven-headed Hare Krishna devotee in saffron robes, trying to convert
you to his religion, would you feel offended? No.

But if the message was, “Your self-destructive behavior is killing
you. Please let me show you a better way,” would you be offended? Some
people hate this type of message with a hatred beyond hatred, simply
because it is the truth.

There are many cases now of a pro-life “sidewalk counselor” standing
outside an abortion clinic, speaking in a soft, respectful tone to a
woman entering, who had intended to end the little life within her womb.
Some have been penetrated by these words and changed course — if not,
pro-lifers wouldn’t be doing it day in and day out.

But other times, the object of the “sidewalk counseling” becomes
enraged at the words, “Please don’t kill your unborn child.” She later
swears that the sidewalk counselor was abusive, threatening,
intimidating, screaming, perhaps even violent. It’s a lie. But the
psychic shock of her having confronted, albeit involuntarily, the truth
she had been running away from, felt to her like an act of great
cruelty. After all, she felt awful after encountering the sidewalk
counselor, so therefore the sidewalk counselor must have done something
really bad.

No. All that happened is that the conscience she had worked so hard
to avoid, discredit and ignore popped out and talked to her from within
another person.

This is the reason for persecution.

If the recipient of the message, like the angry abortion clinic
customer, is not open to hearing the truth, that person will want to do
the same thing to you that they have tried for so long to do to their
own conscience — annihilate it.

We are coming very close to stamping the light out of this world.

And you know what? It matters not that a large number of Christians
are imperfect, some are exasperatingly prideful and confusing, and a few
are double agents. It doesn’t matter that many parroted things they
don’t really understand, and far too many, in fact, drive good people
crazy with their hypocrisy. That’s another subject.

But the core message, and this is the part those who want to silence
Christians really hate — and I do mean hate — is not their
imperfections. It’s the truth of the message that they’re at war with.

The day America officially and fully implements the radical
homosexual agenda — meaning that children are “proselytized” — that’s
the word — from elementary school onward that homosexuality is not only
legal, but perfectly normal, and all of our laws and institutions
reflect that transformation, that day will signal the death of America
as a Judeo-Christian nation.

What can you do? I don’t know. Do what God has asked you to do:
Repent of your sins, don’t be a hypocrite, appreciate His love for you,
especially in the manifestation of the sacrifice and suffering of his
Son, rejoice in His resurrection and boldly speak the truth to those who
will hear.

And if they won’t hear you, leave that city, and shake the dust off
your shoes.

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