This week we’re looking at the plethora of college football bowl
games, ways to keep the kids occupied while they’re home from school and
— naturally — what’s going on with Y2K.

Countdown To The New Century. Jan. 1, 2000, is an important
date whether you’ve decided the 2000 marks the beginning of the new
millennium or is just the year leading up to the new millennium (there
was no year 0, so the millennium officially begins in 2001, which most
people are choosing to ignore). Here’s a sampling of what’s going on:

Are You Ready? For the possible effects of Y2K, that is.
If you’re not sure, All Y2K Links has
what it calls the largest collection of links on the subject. It’ll link
you to everything from preparation advice to predictions and government
sites to gurus. Take your pick.

And, naturally, as the day draws closer, you want to keep up with all
the Y2K news. WorldNetDaily has done the best job on this, bringing you
numerous daily news articles in its Countdown section.

Is Your Computer Ready? If it’s a Mac, it is. (Take a bow.)
But if you have a PC running Windows, you probably need to check out
Microsoft’s Guide
for Home Computers
. The pages explain how the Y2K program may affect
different parts of your home computer and what to do about it. (If you
visited Microsoft’s pages earlier and found them hard to navigate and
understand, you’ll like the redone site much, much better.) Check the
Learning More section for Microsoft’s Y2K product analyzer.

Pass The Pigskin. There are 24 bowl games between Dec. 18 (the
EA Sport Las Vegas Bowl) and Jan. 4’s Nokia Sugar Bowl. New, but not
surprising this year is how many are sponsored by companies.
Here’s your guide:

For The Birds. Or maybe for the garden. In any case,
sometime in between all those football games, you’ve got to take down
the Christmas tree and store the lights and ornaments for another year.
The National Christmas Tree Association has some tips on starting the
year 2000 in a green way, by recycling your

I’m Bored. How many times have you heard that this week? When
you set aside some time to go online with your kids, you’ll find plenty
of boredom busters. Preschoolers and elementary-school youngsters will
enjoy the guide to Amimal
Sounds on the Net
. It includes everything from hedgehogs to tyrant
flycatchers and hippos to whales.

Sometimes the simplest toys are the best. When the expensive
Christmas presents are abandoned on the living room floor, get a piece
of paper and show your offspring how to make a paper airplane that
really soars. Thanks to Paper
Airplane Aerodynamics
, you can even make this an educational lesson
(but don’t tell them that).

You probably never thought of having fun as a science, but that’s
what’s behind Funology. It includes
jokes, games, crafts and lots of fun stuff.

If your browser is Java-enabled (and you’re not on AOL, which seems
to have Java problems), kids will enjoy a quick game of Iceblox.

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