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If you’ve got children or grandkids to buy for this Christmas, I’ve found an absolutely great way to select the perfect item, at a good price and in stock now.

At eToys.com, the

Toy Store

will tell you the most popular toys children in each age category are buying. For instance, there’s a fantastic find for ages 3 and up called the ‘Mighty Mind Tote Pack.’ It’s a powerful (and really fun) activity designed to unleash the “might” of your little one’s mind. Using different wooden shapes, the child has to replicate various pictures of increasing complexity. Just enter the keywords ‘mighty mind’ into the search box, and eToys.com will take you there.

Seven and up? You can’t go wrong with

Toy Store’s

award-winning game ‘Paddle Bop,’ an electronic racquet sport combining sound and light sequences that you have to match. It’s for one or two players. A neat bargain at $14.99.


Baby Store,

under the winter baby category, there’s a terrific light fleece bunting and a fleece hat that are really darling. They are both made by a company called ‘Bundle Me’ and would make super gifts.

For toddlers,

Toy Store

has a classic 3D puzzle box, where the pieces are wooden barnyard animals. The ‘Barnyard Wooden Sort & Play’ received a parental rating of 5 stars, and it’s in stock now, but hurry.

The creative people at eToys.com have made shopping for children as simple as the click of a button. They not only carry toys but books, music, videos, and baby accessories, too. And each category can be sorted by age, top picks, price, etc.

And you’re not going to believe this: eToys.com now has a ‘registry’ for children much like the traditional bridal or shower registry. When a child registers at eToys.com, a grandparent in a distant city can simply check the ‘registry’ and select a birthday or Christmas present right off Johnny’s personal wish list. eToys.com keeps track so there are no duplicates and handles the shipping chores.

Of course, you can always fight the crammed parking lots, crowded aisles, and empty shelves at the local ‘big box’ toy store, but if you’d like to restore a little sanity to the season, try shopping on-line.

See you tomorrow!

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