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Attention all you procrastinating shoppers: Cooking.com guarantees
Christmas delivery on all orders placed by noon on December 23rd. While
I don’t suggest you wait that long, I thought I’d give you some great
ideas for the aspiring chefs in your life.

For a nice stocking stuffer, Cooking.com has a Kitchen
Essentials Tool Seticon

of five tools that would enhance any kitchen. They include a corer,
peeler, zester, cheese plane, and bottle opener, and they all have the
soft, easy grip handles.

A good seller at Cooking.com this year is the Whirley Pop Corn
Popper. Try the Whirley
Pop Gift Seticon
which is a good bargain. Another good seller has been the Exopat
Baking Maticon
They have two sizes, but I have highlighted the 11×16 mat, which most
cooks will find more practical.

Finally at Cooking.com, Kitchenaid is giving away a free heavy duty,
nonstick roasting pan with rack (a $100 value) with the purchase of one
of their four cookware sets. The Kitchenaid
Cookware Seticon

that I have highlighted is a seven-piece hard-anodized set.

I’d also like to mention a couple items from the large selection
found at OmahaSteaks.com — like the six
(six oz.) filet mignons
are sure
to be a winner for anyone who enjoys a melt-in-your mouth filet. I’ve
sent these to my brother who is hard to buy for, and he loved them.

But don’t just think “steak” at OmahaSteaks — their Hickory
Smoked Turkey

makes a great gift and is worth the search on their site to find it.
Think about sending this one before Christmas. Dad sends one to us
before each Christmas, and it’s great to have around when you’re trying
to get the holiday shopping done and don’t have time to make dinner.

Sit down with a cup of Starbucks Christmas Blend (also available at
Cooking.com) and your list of people you still need to buy for. At
these two great sites, you can almost certainly shorten that list with
just a few, quick clicks.

Happy shopping!

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